Nottinghamshire v Essex, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, , Specsavers County Championship Division One, 2019

Specsavers County Championship Division One : Nottinghamshire v Essex at Nottingham, June 30, 2019
213/10 (69.1) & 183/10 (89.2)
519/9d (167.4)
Essex won by an innings and 123 runs
Nottinghamshire inningNotts inn.213/10 (69.1 ov)
Steven Mullaney (C)c AJA Wheater b AP Beard741359254.81
c AJA Wheater b AP Beard
Ben Duckettc AN Cook b JA Porter8112072.72
c AN Cook b JA Porter
Ben Slaterc AJA Wheater b AP Beard14363038.88
c AJA Wheater b AP Beard
Chris Nashc AJA Wheater b AP Beard28635044.44
c AJA Wheater b AP Beard
Joe Clarkelbw b PM Siddle15253060.00
lbw b PM Siddle
Samit Patellbw b PM Siddle39725054.16
lbw b PM Siddle
Ravichandran Ashwinlbw b JA Porter5191026.31
lbw b JA Porter
Tom Moores (WK)b SR Harmer07000.00
b SR Harmer
Luke Fletcherlbw b JA Porter111009.09
lbw b JA Porter
Stuart BroadNot out19333057.57
Not out
Jake Ballc AJA Wheater b PM Siddle140025.00
c AJA Wheater b PM Siddle
Extra9 (b 1, w 0, nb 2, lb 6)
Total213/10 (69.1)
Jamie Porter1854932.72
Peter Siddle19.163831.98
Aaron Beard1316234.76
Simon Harmer1624212.62
Ravi Bopara311505.00
Fall of wickets: 1-13 (BM Duckett - 2.5 ov), 2-71 (BT Slater - 16.6 ov), 3-126 (CD Nash - 39.5 ov), 4-141 (SJ Mullaney - 43.3 ov), 5-151 (JM Clarke - 46.1 ov), 6-162 (Ravichandran Ashwin - 51.4 ov), 7-163 (TJ Moores - 52.6 ov), 8-168 (LJ Fletcher - 57.1 ov), 9-211 (SR Patel - 67.4 ov), 10-213 (JT Ball - 69.1 ov)
Essex inningEssex inn.519/9 (167.4 ov)
Nick Brownelbw b SCJ Broad16337027044.05
lbw b SCJ Broad
Alastair Cookc TJ Moores b SCJ Broad280025.00
c TJ Moores b SCJ Broad
Tom Westleyc SJ Mullaney b Ravichandran Ashwin421036040.77
c SJ Mullaney b Ravichandran Ashwin
Dan Lawrenceb LJ Fletcher6414210045.07
b LJ Fletcher
Ravi Boparac SCJ Broad b JT Ball13524211055.78
c SCJ Broad b JT Ball
Ryan ten Doeschate (C)lbw b Ravichandran Ashwin22332066.66
lbw b Ravichandran Ashwin
Adam Wheater (WK)lbw b Ravichandran Ashwin23284082.14
lbw b Ravichandran Ashwin
Simon Harmerc TJ Moores b SCJ Broad20444045.45
c TJ Moores b SCJ Broad
Peter Siddlec SCJ Broad b JT Ball33392284.61
c SCJ Broad b JT Ball
Aaron BeardNot out00000.00
Not out
Extra15 (b 3, w 4, nb 6, lb 2)
Total519/9 (167.4)
Luke Fletcher2559413.76
Stuart Broad3387532.27
Ravichandran Ashwin601716232.70
Jake Ball24.439323.77
Samit Patel2428803.66
Ben Duckett10202.00
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (AN Cook - 3.2 ov), 2-95 (T Westley - 36.5 ov), 3-215 (DW Lawrence - 83.2 ov), 4-346 (NLJ Browne - 120.5 ov), 5-384 (RN ten Doeschate - 132.2 ov), 6-422 (AJA Wheater - 140.4 ov), 7-463 (SR Harmer - 153.6 ov), 8-519 (PM Siddle - 167.1 ov), 9-519 (RS Bopara - 167.4 ov)
Nottinghamshire inningNotts inn.183/10 (89.2 ov)
Steven Mullaney (C)b JA Porter010000.00
b JA Porter
Ben Slaterrunout (AP Beard)10571017.54
runout (AP Beard)
Chris Nashlbw b PM Siddle13272048.14
lbw b PM Siddle
Joe Clarkec AJA Wheater b AP Beard21542038.88
c AJA Wheater b AP Beard
Samit Patelc AN Cook b SR Harmer20561035.71
c AN Cook b SR Harmer
Ben Duckettc AJA Wheater b SR Harmer39875044.82
c AJA Wheater b SR Harmer
Luke Fletcherc AJA Wheater b SR Harmer11622017.74
c AJA Wheater b SR Harmer
Tom Moores (WK)b AP Beard14613022.95
b AP Beard
Ravichandran Ashwinc PM Siddle b JA Porter35735047.94
c PM Siddle b JA Porter
Stuart Broadlbw b SR Harmer6301020.00
lbw b SR Harmer
Jake BallNot out019000.00
Not out
Extra14 (b 9, w 5, nb 0, lb 0)
Total183/10 (89.2)
Jamie Porter15.224222.73
Peter Siddle2184412.09
Simon Harmer40243540.87
Aaron Beard1124524.09
Ravi Bopara10505.00
Tom Westley10303.00
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (SJ Mullaney - 2.4 ov), 2-13 (CD Nash - 9.6 ov), 3-40 (BT Slater - 22.2 ov), 4-49 (JM Clarke - 25.4 ov), 5-95 (SR Patel - 42.3 ov), 6-110 (BM Duckett - 56.1 ov), 7-115 (LJ Fletcher - 60.5 ov), 8-158 (TJ Moores - 73.6 ov), 9-175 (SCJ Broad - 82.5 ov), 10-183 (Ravichandran Ashwin - 89.2 ov)
2019-06-30 15:30 PM
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Nottinghamshire won the toss & elected to bat
  • Billy Taylor
  • Mike Burns
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee