Central Stags v Auckland Aces, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 19th Match, Plunket Shield, 2023

Plunket Shield 19th Match: Central Stags v Auckland Aces at Napier, March 15, 2024
Central Stags
340/10 (111.3) & 140/10 (45.3)
Auckland Aces
240/10 (93.3) & 281/10 (81.3)
AUK won by 41 runs.
Auckland Aces inningAUK inn.240/10 (93.3 ov)
William O Donnellc D Cleaver b BM Tickner30685044.11
c D Cleaver b BM Tickner
Sean Soliac D Cleaver b LR Dudding271003027.00
c D Cleaver b LR Dudding
Mark Chapmanc TC Bruce b JA Clarkson21394053.84
c TC Bruce b JA Clarkson
Robert O Donnell(C)c D Cleaver b LR Dudding19433044.18
c D Cleaver b LR Dudding
George Workerc D Cleaver b BM Tickner31714043.66
c D Cleaver b BM Tickner
Cam Fletcher(WK)c D Cleaver b BM Tickner140025.00
c D Cleaver b BM Tickner
Jock McKenzielbw b LR Dudding481035046.60
lbw b LR Dudding
Danru Fernslbw b DAJ Bracewell28784035.89
lbw b DAJ Bracewell
Louis Delportc BM Tickner b JA Clarkson20252180.00
c BM Tickner b JA Clarkson
Jordan SussexNot out3210014.28
Not out
Ben Listerb BM Tickner012000.00
b BM Tickner
Extra12 (b 4, w 0, nb 3, lb 5)
Total240/10 (93.3)
Doug Bracewell1542811.86
Blair Tickner22.356242.75
Liam Dudding2346532.82
Josh Clarkson1333923.00
Ajaz Patel1661801.12
Brad Schmulian401904.75
Fall of wickets: 1-48 (WT O Donnell - 18.6 ov), 2-77 (M Chapman - 29.5 ov), 3-100 (SM Solia - 39.6 ov), 4-101 (RR O Donnell - 41.3 ov), 5-102 (CD Fletcher - 42.3 ov), 6-167 (GH Worker - 63.1 ov), 7-216 (Jock McKenzie - 81.3 ov), 8-234 (D Ferns - 86.5 ov), 9-237 (L Delport - 88.3 ov), 10-240 (BG Lister - 93.3 ov)
Central Stags inningCS inn.340/10 (111.3 ov)
Will Youngb D Ferns14302046.66
b D Ferns
Curtis Heaphyst CD Fletcher b L Delport25804031.25
st CD Fletcher b L Delport
Greg Hay(C)lbw b J Sussex7914413054.86
lbw b J Sussex
Brad Schmulianc WT O Donnell b L Delport8211038.09
c WT O Donnell b L Delport
Tom Bruceb J Sussex951549261.68
b J Sussex
Dane Cleaver(WK)c CD Fletcher b BG Lister511036149.51
c CD Fletcher b BG Lister
Josh Clarksonc J Sussex b L Delport31712243.66
c J Sussex b L Delport
Ajaz Patelc WT O Donnell b D Ferns13332039.39
c WT O Donnell b D Ferns
Doug Bracewellc RR O Donnell b BG Lister160016.66
c RR O Donnell b BG Lister
Blair Ticknerc CD Fletcher b BG Lister11212052.38
c CD Fletcher b BG Lister
Liam DuddingNot out07000.00
Not out
Extra12 (b 4, w 2, nb 1, lb 5)
Total340/10 (111.3)
Ben Lister2363731.60
Danru Ferns1957624.00
Jordan Sussex1826123.38
Louis Delport32.3411333.47
Jock McKenzie1032402.40
Sean Solia912002.22
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (W Young - 11.1 ov), 2-74 (C Heaphy - 25.1 ov), 3-88 (B Schmulian - 31.2 ov), 4-180 (GR Hay - 57.3 ov), 5-271 (D Cleaver - 86.3 ov), 6-279 (TC Bruce - 89.6 ov), 7-305 (AY Patel - 99.3 ov), 8-314 (DAJ Bracewell - 102.5 ov), 9-330 (BM Tickner - 108.5 ov), 10-340 (JA Clarkson - 111.3 ov)
Auckland Aces inningAUK inn.281/10 (81.3 ov)
William O Donnellb DAJ Bracewell14332042.42
b DAJ Bracewell
Sean Soliac D Cleaver b LR Dudding17263065.38
c D Cleaver b LR Dudding
Mark Chapmanc TC Bruce b AY Patel8368141122.05
c TC Bruce b AY Patel
Robert O Donnell(C)b LR Dudding421065039.62
b LR Dudding
George Workerc D Cleaver b JA Clarkson4111036.36
c D Cleaver b JA Clarkson
Cam Fletcher(WK)lbw b B Schmulian38963339.58
lbw b B Schmulian
Jock McKenziec D Cleaver b JA Clarkson39995039.39
c D Cleaver b JA Clarkson
Danru Fernsb AY Patel013000.00
b AY Patel
Louis Delportc JA Clarkson b B Schmulian332824117.85
c JA Clarkson b B Schmulian
Jordan SussexNot out06000.00
Not out
Ben Listerb LR Dudding07000.00
b LR Dudding
Extra11 (b 0, w 2, nb 4, lb 5)
Total281/10 (81.3)
Doug Bracewell52410.80
Blair Tickner2148904.23
Liam Dudding11.304433.82
Ajaz Patel2568823.52
Josh Clarkson1333822.92
Brad Schmulian621322.16
Fall of wickets: 1-22 (WT O Donnell - 8.2 ov), 2-42 (SM Solia - 11.4 ov), 3-138 (M Chapman - 29.1 ov), 4-143 (GH Worker - 32.2 ov), 5-184 (RR O Donnell - 48.3 ov), 6-220 (CD Fletcher - 65.6 ov), 7-226 (D Ferns - 69.6 ov), 8-278 (Jock McKenzie - 78.6 ov), 9-278 (L Delport - 79.2 ov), 10-281 (BG Lister - 81.3 ov)
Central Stags inningCS inn.140/10 (45.3 ov)
Curtis Heaphylbw b J Sussex014000.00
lbw b J Sussex
Will Youngc RR O Donnell b J Sussex9201045.00
c RR O Donnell b J Sussex
Greg Hay(C)c GH Worker b BG Lister12143085.71
c GH Worker b BG Lister
Brad Schmulianc RR O Donnell b J Sussex24493048.97
c RR O Donnell b J Sussex
Tom Brucec J Sussex b D Ferns37554167.27
c J Sussex b D Ferns
Dane Cleaver(WK)c CD Fletcher b J Sussex21580136.20
c CD Fletcher b J Sussex
Josh Clarksonc RR O Donnell b J Sussex15290051.72
c RR O Donnell b J Sussex
Doug Bracewellb BG Lister591055.55
b BG Lister
Ajaz Patelc & b BG Lister451080.00
c & b BG Lister
Blair TicknerNot out380037.50
Not out
Liam Duddingc D Ferns b J Sussex8121066.66
c D Ferns b J Sussex
Extra2 (b 0, w 1, nb 0, lb 1)
Total140/10 (45.3)
Ben Lister1524833.20
Jordan Sussex15.334662.96
Louis Delport31802.66
Danru Ferns812513.12
Sean Solia401203.00
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (C Heaphy - 3.6 ov), 2-18 (W Young - 7.1 ov), 3-24 (GR Hay - 8.4 ov), 4-68 (B Schmulian - 21.4 ov), 5-86 (TC Bruce - 28.1 ov), 6-120 (JA Clarkson - 39.2 ov), 7-125 (DAJ Bracewell - 40.5 ov), 8-125 (D Cleaver - 41.3 ov), 9-129 (AY Patel - 42.4 ov), 10-140 (LR Dudding - 45.3 ov)
2024-03-16 03:30 AM
McLean Park, Napier
Central Stags elected to bowl
  • John Dempsey
  • Glen Walklin
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Gary Troup
    Player Comparison unavailable for this match