Central Stags v Canterbury Kings, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 5th match, The Ford Trophy, 2023

The Ford Trophy 5th match: Central Stags v Canterbury Kings at New Plymouth, November 28, 2023
Central Stags
280/6 (48.5)
Canterbury Kings
278/10 (46.4)
CS won by 4 wickets
Canterbury Kings InningCNT Inning278/10 (46.4 ov)
Chad Bowesc JA Clarkson b Jayden Lennox362733133.33
c JA Clarkson b Jayden Lennox
Matt Boylec D Cleaver b Raymond Toole473645130.56
c D Cleaver b Raymond Toole
Dylan Hunterlbw b Jayden Lennox01000.00
lbw b Jayden Lennox
Mitchell Hay(WK)c JA Clarkson b Raymond Toole828063102.50
c JA Clarkson b Raymond Toole
Cole McConchie(C)c B Wiggins b BM Tickner7230030.43
c B Wiggins b BM Tickner
Michael Ripponc D Cleaver b BM Tickner43644167.19
c D Cleaver b BM Tickner
Zak Foulkec William Clark b JA Clarkson252121119.05
c William Clark b JA Clarkson
Bevon Jacobsc JA Clarkson b Raymond Toole8120066.67
c JA Clarkson b Raymond Toole
Angus McKenziec D Cleaver b Raymond Toole15702214.29
c D Cleaver b Raymond Toole
Cameron Paulc JCT Boyle b Raymond Toole01000.00
c JCT Boyle b Raymond Toole
William O RourkeNot out290022.22
Not out
Extra13 (b 0, w 10, nb 1, lb 2)
Total278/10 (46.4)
Bevan Small614307.17
Blair Tickner924825.33
Raymond Toole9.407257.45
Jayden Lennox1003723.70
Josh Clarkson704015.71
William Clark302006.67
Brad Schmulian201608.00
Fall of wickets: 1-87 (CJ Bowes - 9.5 ov), 2-87 (D Hunter - 9.6 ov), 3-88 (M Boyle - 10.3 ov), 4-104 (CE McConchie - 16.4 ov), 5-201 (M Rippon - 35.6 ov), 6-248 (Mitchell Hay - 40.6 ov), 7-259 (Z Foulke - 43.1 ov), 8-263 (B Jacobs - 44.1 ov), 9-263 (C Paul - 44.2 ov), 10-278 (Angus McKenzie - 46.4 ov)
Central Districts InningCentral Districts Inning280/6 (48.5 ov)
Jack Boylec M Rippon b WO Rourke7121058.33
c M Rippon b WO Rourke
Brad Schmulianb C Paul434270102.38
b C Paul
Dane Cleaver(WK/C)c M Boyle b Z Foulke04000.00
c M Boyle b Z Foulke
Curtis Heaphyc M Boyle b Z Foulke701075065.42
c M Boyle b Z Foulke
Josh Clarksonc Angus McKenzie b CE McConchie44487091.67
c Angus McKenzie b CE McConchie
William Clarkc Mitchell Hay b Angus McKenzie595532107.27
c Mitchell Hay b Angus McKenzie
Bayley WigginsNot out302022150.00
Not out
Bevan SmallNot out10520200.00
Not out
Extra17 (b 0, w 12, nb 0, lb 5)
Total280/6 (48.5)
Zak Foulke9.505325.39
William O Rourke1005615.60
Angus McKenzie905916.56
Cameron Paul603115.17
Michael Rippon1005905.90
Cole McConchie401714.25
Fall of wickets: 1-28 (JCT Boyle - 5.2 ov), 2-30 (D Cleaver - 6.2 ov), 3-70 (B Schmulian - 12.4 ov), 4-154 (JA Clarkson - 29.5 ov), 5-222 (C Heaphy - 42.2 ov), 6-265 (William Clark - 47.2 ov)
2023-11-29 03:00 AM
Pukekura Park, New Plymouth
Central Stags elected to bowl
  • John Dempsey
  • Tim Parlane
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • K Pulley