Central Stags v Northern Districts, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 14th match, The Ford Trophy, 2023

The Ford Trophy 14th match: Central Stags v Northern Districts at Whangarei, December 11, 2023
Central Stags
185/10 (49.5)
Northern Districts
189/6 (42.1)
Northern Knights won by 4 wickets
Central Districts InningCentral Districts Inning185/10 (49.5 ov)
Jack Boylec Jeet Raval b Kristian Clarke111009.09
c Jeet Raval b Kristian Clarke
Brad Schmulianc M Fisher b SC Kuggeleijn461066.67
c M Fisher b SC Kuggeleijn
Dane Cleaver(WK/C)c TL Seifert b Brett Hampton13262050.00
c TL Seifert b Brett Hampton
Curtis Heaphyrunout (TL Seifert / T Pringle)551053052.38
runout (TL Seifert / T Pringle)
Josh Clarksonb T Pringle20401050.00
b T Pringle
William Clarklbw b Kristian Clarke34474072.34
lbw b Kristian Clarke
Bayley Wigginsc Joe Walker b M Fisher14152093.33
c Joe Walker b M Fisher
Angus Schawc Henry Cooper b Brett Hampton21231091.30
c Henry Cooper b Brett Hampton
Jayden Lennoxb Kristian Clarke01000.00
b Kristian Clarke
Blair Ticknerc K Clarke b SC Kuggeleijn8210038.10
c K Clarke b SC Kuggeleijn
Raymond TooleNot out240050.00
Not out
Extra13 (b 0, w 9, nb 0, lb 4)
Total185/10 (49.5)
Scott Kuggeleijn903223.56
Kristian Clarke812533.15
Brett Hampton5.502724.60
Matthew Fisher1013913.90
Joe Walker1013903.90
Tim Pringle701912.71
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (JCT Boyle - 1.5 ov), 2-5 (B Schmulian - 2.6 ov), 3-29 (D Cleaver - 10.1 ov), 4-77 (JA Clarkson - 23.6 ov), 5-114 (C Heaphy - 35.5 ov), 6-148 (B Wiggins - 41.3 ov), 7-148 (William Clark - 42.1 ov), 8-148 (Jayden Lennox - 42.2 ov), 9-175 (BM Tickner - 48.2 ov), 10-185 (A Schaw - 49.5 ov)
Northern Districts InningND Inning189/6 (42.1 ov)
Katene Clarkec D Cleaver b William Clark43564076.79
c D Cleaver b William Clark
Tim Seifert(WK)c JCT Boyle b William Clark40602066.67
c JCT Boyle b William Clark
Henry Cooperc D Cleaver b Raymond Toole30574052.63
c D Cleaver b Raymond Toole
Joe Carterc JCT Boyle b Jayden Lennox484852100.00
c JCT Boyle b Jayden Lennox
Jeet Raval(C)runout (BM Tickner / A Schaw)3300100.00
runout (BM Tickner / A Schaw)
Brett Hamptonb Raymond Toole5100050.00
b Raymond Toole
Scott KuggeleijnNot out4140028.57
Not out
Tim PringleNot out6501120.00
Not out
Extra10 (b 0, w 5, nb 0, lb 5)
Total189/6 (42.1)
Raymond Toole802623.25
Blair Tickner802703.38
William Clark804425.50
Josh Clarkson301906.33
Jayden Lennox903213.56
Angus Schaw6.103605.84
Fall of wickets: 1-84 (TL Seifert - 18.5 ov), 2-87 (K Clarke - 20.1 ov), 3-165 (Joe Carter - 36.1 ov), 4-169 (Henry Cooper - 37.2 ov), 5-170 (Jeet Raval - 37.3 ov), 6-180 (Brett Hampton - 39.6 ov)
2023-12-12 03:00 AM
Cobham Ovall, Whangarei
Central Stags elected to bat
  • Tim Parlane
  • Damian Morrow
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Gary Troup