Derbyshire v Yorkshire, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, at Chesterfield, County Championship Division Two, 2023

County Championship Division Two at Chesterfield: Derbyshire v Yorkshire at Chesterfield, June 11, 2023
111/10 (31.4) & 453/10 (118.5)
353/10 (85.3) & 215/7 (50.1)
YOR won by 3 wkts
Derbyshire inningDER inn.111/10 (31.4 ov)
Harry Camec JA Tattersall b MD Fisher7150046.66
c JA Tattersall b MD Fisher
Haider Alilbw b BO Coad04000.00
lbw b BO Coad
Brooke Guest(WK)c JA Tattersall b MD Fisher4400100.00
c JA Tattersall b MD Fisher
Wayne Madsenb BO Coad451080.00
b BO Coad
Leus du Plooy(C)lbw b JA Thompson28403070.00
lbw b JA Thompson
Matthew Lambc GCH Hill b MD Fisher481050.00
c GCH Hill b MD Fisher
Luis Reecelbw b BO Coad04000.00
lbw b BO Coad
Alex Thomsonc & b JA Thompson20323062.50
c & b JA Thompson
Mark Wattc JA Tattersall b MD Fisher15243062.50
c JA Tattersall b MD Fisher
Ben Aitchisonb MD Fisher12291041.37
b MD Fisher
Suranga LakmalNot out12250048.00
Not out
Extra5 (b 0, w 0, nb 0, lb 5)
Total111/10 (31.4)
Ben Coad1022832.80
Matthew Fisher10.423052.81
George Hill511503.00
Jordan Thompson603325.50
Fall of wickets: 1-1 (H Ali - 0.5 ov), 2-8 (BD Guest - 1.5 ov), 3-15 (WL Madsen - 4.2 ov), 4-15 (HRC Came - 5.2 ov), 5-23 (MJ Lamb - 7.5 ov), 6-24 (LM Reece - 8.4 ov), 7-55 (JLdu Plooy - 16.3 ov), 8-76 (AT Thomson - 20.4 ov), 9-94 (MRJ Watt - 23.6 ov), 10-110 (BW Aitchison - 31.4 ov)
Yorkshire inningYOR inn.353/10 (85.3 ov)
Adam Lythc WL Madsen b BW Aitchison48638176.19
c WL Madsen b BW Aitchison
Finlay Beanc BW Aitchison b LM Reece28405070.00
c BW Aitchison b LM Reece
Shan Masood(C)c & b MRJ Watt678110082.71
c & b MRJ Watt
Dawid Malanc RAS Lakmal b MRJ Watt10614316174.12
c RAS Lakmal b MRJ Watt
George Hillc H Ali b MRJ Watt7180138.88
c H Ali b MRJ Watt
Jonathan Tattersall(WK)c & b LM Reece24554043.63
c & b LM Reece
Matthew Revisc BD Guest b BW Aitchison32886036.36
c BD Guest b BW Aitchison
Dom Bessb AT Thomson240050.00
b AT Thomson
Jordan Thompsonc JLdu Plooy b MRJ Watt17202185.00
c JLdu Plooy b MRJ Watt
Matthew Fisherc H Ali b MRJ Watt09000.00
c H Ali b MRJ Watt
Ben CoadNot out01000.00
Not out
Extra22 (b 4, w 0, nb 18, lb 0)
Total353/10 (85.3)
Suranga Lakmal1927704.05
Ben Aitchison1016126.10
Luis Reece915626.22
Alex Thomson2217213.27
Mark Watt25.388353.25
Fall of wickets: 1-61 (FJ Bean - 10.4 ov), 2-112 (A Lyth - 20.1 ov), 3-200 (SM Khan - 37.2 ov), 4-212 (GCH Hill - 43.1 ov), 5-266 (JA Tattersall - 57.2 ov), 6-325 (DJ Malan - 75.4 ov), 7-328 (Dom Bess - 76.4 ov), 8-351 (JA Thompson - 81.6 ov), 9-353 (ML Revis - 84.5 ov), 10-353 (MD Fisher - 85.3 ov)
Derbyshire inningDER inn.453/10 (118.5 ov)
Harry Camelbw b BO Coad290022.22
lbw b BO Coad
Luis Reecelbw b MD Fisher260033.33
lbw b MD Fisher
Matthew Lambc GCH Hill b MD Fisher8121066.66
c GCH Hill b MD Fisher
Wayne Madsenc GCH Hill b BO Coad07000.00
c GCH Hill b BO Coad
Leus du Plooy(C)c A Lyth b Dom Bess17029420057.82
c A Lyth b Dom Bess
Haider Alilbw b GCH Hill14619322275.64
lbw b GCH Hill
Brooke Guest(WK)c & b Dom Bess42964043.75
c & b Dom Bess
Alex ThomsonNot out39564269.64
Not out
Mark Wattc JA Tattersall b Dom Bess7201035.00
c JA Tattersall b Dom Bess
Ben Aitchisonc ML Revis b MD Fisher9162056.25
c ML Revis b MD Fisher
Suranga LakmalRetired hurt10720142.85
Retired hurt
Extra18 (b 10, w 0, nb 6, lb 2)
Total453/10 (118.5)
Ben Coad2385422.34
Matthew Fisher22.557033.06
Dom Bess38119035.00
Jordan Thompson1204403.66
Matthew Revis804105.12
George Hill1514212.80
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (HRC Came - 2.2 ov), 2-4 (LM Reece - 3.1 ov), 3-5 (WL Madsen - 4.6 ov), 4-17 (MJ Lamb - 7.3 ov), 5-294 (H Ali - 74.4 ov), 6-367 (BD Guest - 99.2 ov), 7-404 (JLdu Plooy - 109.1 ov), 8-416 (MRJ Watt - 113.2 ov), 9-431 (BW Aitchison - 116.5 ov)
Yorkshire inningYOR inn.215/7 (50.1 ov)
Adam Lythlbw b MRJ Watt30595050.84
lbw b MRJ Watt
Finlay Beanc JLdu Plooy b AT Thomson19403047.50
c JLdu Plooy b AT Thomson
Shan Masood(C)Not out9511212084.82
Not out
George Hillrunout (BW Aitchison)09000.00
runout (BW Aitchison)
Jonathan Tattersall(WK)lbw b AT Thomson22274081.48
lbw b AT Thomson
Matthew Fisherb MRJ Watt481050.00
b MRJ Watt
Matthew Revisc WL Madsen b MRJ Watt05000.00
c WL Madsen b MRJ Watt
Dawid Malanc MJ Lamb b MRJ Watt01000.00
c MJ Lamb b MRJ Watt
Dom BessNot out414160100.00
Not out
Extra4 (b 0, w 0, nb 2, lb 2)
Total215/7 (50.1)
Zak Chappell803003.75
Mark Watt1857444.11
Luis Reece602404.00
Alex Thomson15.116324.15
Ben Aitchison302207.33
Fall of wickets: 1-38 (FJ Bean - 13.3 ov), 2-63 (A Lyth - 19.2 ov), 3-84 (GCH Hill - 23.4 ov), 4-140 (JA Tattersall - 33.2 ov), 5-145 (MD Fisher - 34.6 ov), 6-147 (ML Revis - 36.2 ov), 7-147 (DJ Malan - 36.3 ov)
2023-06-11 15:30 PM
Queen's Park, Chesterfield
Yorkshire elected to bowl
  • Tom Lungley
  • Chris Watts
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Phil Whitticase
    Player Comparison unavailable for this match