Dolphins v Titans, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 15, CSA Provincial One Day Challenge Division One, 2023

CSA Provincial One Day Challenge Division One Match 15: Dolphins v Titans at Durban, October 11, 2023
270/8 (50)
273/4 (45)
TIT won by 6 wickets
Dolphins InningDOL Inning270/8 (50 ov)
Sarel Erweec R Moonsamy b AD Galiem491044.44
c R Moonsamy b AD Galiem
JJ Smutsb CJ Dala15223068.18
b CJ Dala
Grant Roelofsen(WK)c D Elgar b C Bosch6200130.00
c D Elgar b C Bosch
Khaya Zondoc D Brevis b A Phangiso32574056.14
c D Brevis b A Phangiso
Jason Smithc R Moonsamy b D Ferreira75825391.46
c R Moonsamy b D Ferreira
Bryce Parsonsc AD Galiem b CJ Dala21292072.41
c AD Galiem b CJ Dala
Tshepang Ditholec R Moonsamy b D Ferreira363313109.09
c R Moonsamy b D Ferreira
Andile Simelanec CJ Dala b D Ferreira413213128.13
c CJ Dala b D Ferreira
Eathan Bosch(C)Not out191511126.67
Not out
Okuhle CeleNot out3100300.00
Not out
Extra18 (b 0, w 14, nb 0, lb 4)
Total270/8 (50)
Dayyaan Galiem713414.86
Corbin Bosch924615.11
Junior Dala604727.83
Aaron Phangiso1003613.60
Neil Brand301605.33
Donavon Ferreira1005335.30
Ayabulela Gqamane503406.80
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (SJ Erwee - 2.3 ov), 2-31 (JJT Smuts - 8.1 ov), 3-32 (G Roelofsen - 9.2 ov), 4-101 (K Zondo - 24.1 ov), 5-146 (B Parsons - 33.6 ov), 6-192 (JF Smith - 39.3 ov), 7-223 (TA Dithole - 45.1 ov), 8-265 (A Simelane - 49.4 ov)
Titans Inning TIT Inning273/4 (45 ov)
Dewald Brevisc G Roelofsen b E Bosch03000.00
c G Roelofsen b E Bosch
Neil Brandlbw b E Bosch22354062.86
lbw b E Bosch
Rivaldo Moonsamy(WK)c K Zondo b E Bosch2170011.76
c K Zondo b E Bosch
Dean ElgarNot out1001069094.34
Not out
Sibonelo Makhanya(C)b OEG Baartman03000.00
b OEG Baartman
Donavon FerreiraNot out138106127130.19
Not out
Extra11 (b 0, w 6, nb 0, lb 5)
Total273/4 (45)
Eathan Bosch1025635.60
Okuhle Cele814105.13
Ottniel Baartman805116.38
JJ Smuts1005505.50
Andile Simelane402907.25
Bryce Parsons503607.20
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (D Brevis - 0.3 ov), 2-18 (R Moonsamy - 6.1 ov), 3-40 (N Brand - 10.4 ov), 4-41 (BS Makhanya - 11.4 ov)
Man of the Match
2023-10-11 16:30 PM
Kingsmead, Durban
Dolphins elected to bat
  • Brad White
  • Abongile Sodumo
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee