Essex v Derbyshire, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Group 1, County Championship, 2021

County Championship Group 1: Essex v Derbyshire at Chelmsford, May 13, 2021
412/3d (76)
146/10 (56.5) & 251/10 (92.4)
ESS won by an innings and 15 runs
Essex inningESS inn.412/3 (76 ov)
Nick Brownec WL Madsen b Billy Stanlake591137052.21
c WL Madsen b Billy Stanlake
Alastair Cookc BA Godleman b Billy Stanlake58998058.58
c BA Godleman b Billy Stanlake
Tom Westley (C)c JL du Plooy b MJJ Critchley10611215194.64
c JL du Plooy b MJJ Critchley
Dan LawrenceNot out152133166114.28
Not out
Paul WalterNot out12820150.00
Not out
Extra25 (b 0, w 2, nb 18, lb 5)
Total412/3 (76)
Billy Stanlake1729125.35
Luis Reece1304703.61
Dustin Melton1325304.07
Fynn Hudson-Prentice1217506.25
Matt Critchley1208717.25
Alex Hughes603305.50
Wayne Madsen302107.00
Fall of wickets: 1-137 (NLJ Browne - 33.4 ov), 2-138 (AN Cook - 35.2 ov), 3-359 (T Westley - 71.6 ov)
Derbyshire inningDER inn.146/10 (56.5 ov)
Luis Reecelbw b SR Harmer223008.69
lbw b SR Harmer
Billy Godleman (C)c RN ten Doeschate b DW Lawrence9291031.03
c RN ten Doeschate b DW Lawrence
Brooke Guestc RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer491164042.24
c RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer
Leus du Plooyc DW Lawrence b SR Harmer227007.40
c DW Lawrence b SR Harmer
Alex Hughesst AJA Wheater b SR Harmer22614036.06
st AJA Wheater b SR Harmer
Wayne Madsenc DW Lawrence b SR Harmer23411256.09
c DW Lawrence b SR Harmer
Matt Critchleyc & b SR Harmer461066.66
c & b SR Harmer
Harvey Hosein (WK)c RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer9820112.50
c RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer
Fynn Hudson-PrenticeNot out3180016.66
Not out
Billy Stanlakeb SR Harmer06000.00
b SR Harmer
Dustin Meltonc & b SR Harmer15611250.00
c & b SR Harmer
Extra8 (b 1, w 0, nb 0, lb 7)
Total146/10 (56.5)
Simon Harmer25.598093.09
Dan Lawrence1122011.81
Samuel Cook72801.14
Jamie Porter811802.25
Shane Snater521202.40
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (LM Reece - 6.4 ov), 2-16 (BA Godleman - 9.3 ov), 3-27 (JL du Plooy - 16.5 ov), 4-71 (AL Hughes - 34.4 ov), 5-103 (WL Madsen - 46.5 ov), 6-109 (MJJ Critchley - 48.5 ov), 7-127 (HR Hosein - 50.6 ov), 8-128 (BD Guest - 52.3 ov), 9-128 (Billy Stanlake - 54.3 ov), 10-146 (DR Melton - 56.5 ov)
Derbyshire inningDER inn.251/10 (92.4 ov)
Luis Reeceb JA Porter07000.00
b JA Porter
Billy Godleman (C)lbw b JA Porter45953047.36
lbw b JA Porter
Brooke Guestlbw b Samuel Cook651417146.09
lbw b Samuel Cook
Leus du Plooyc AN Cook b S Snater39687057.35
c AN Cook b S Snater
Wayne Madsenc RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer36641156.25
c RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer
Matt Critchleyc AN Cook b JA Porter25682036.76
c AN Cook b JA Porter
Harvey Hosein (WK)c RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer5460010.86
c RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer
Fynn Hudson-Prenticec RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer8820100.00
c RN ten Doeschate b SR Harmer
Alex Hughesc PI Walter b Samuel Cook8350022.85
c PI Walter b Samuel Cook
Billy Stanlakec T Westley b Samuel Cook8201040.00
c T Westley b Samuel Cook
Dustin MeltonNot out240050.00
Not out
Extra10 (b 6, w 0, nb 0, lb 4)
Total251/10 (92.4)
Jamie Porter1954132.15
Samuel Cook16.454532.70
Simon Harmer45912232.71
Shane Snater1022712.70
Dan Lawrence21603.00
Fall of wickets: 1-14 (LM Reece - 2.5 ov), 2-111 (BA Godleman - 38.1 ov), 3-118 (BD Guest - 42.6 ov), 4-193 (WL Madsen - 61.5 ov), 5-193 (JL du Plooy - 62.4 ov), 6-218 (HR Hosein - 77.3 ov), 7-226 (FJ Hudson-Prentice - 79.5 ov), 8-234 (MJJ Critchley - 84.2 ov), 9-248 (Billy Stanlake - 90.4 ov), 10-251 (AL Hughes - 92.4 ov)
2021-05-13 15:30 PM
County Ground, Chelmsford, Chelmsford
Derbyshire won the toss & elected to field
  • Hassan Adnan
  • Ian Blackwell
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • James Whitaker