Gloucestershire v Lancashire, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 38th Match, County Championship, 2022

County Championship 38th Match: Gloucestershire v Lancashire at Bristol, June 26, 2022
337/10 (110.1) & 176/3 (61.1)
402/10 (132.2)
Match drawn
Gloucestershire 1st inningGLO 1st inn.337/10 (110.1 ov)
George Scottc KK Jennings b TE Bailey23554041.81
c KK Jennings b TE Bailey
Chris Dentlbw b TE Bailey11027416040.14
lbw b TE Bailey
Glenn Phillipsc GP Balderson b JP Morley19491238.77
c GP Balderson b JP Morley
Miles Hammondc SJ Croft b TE Bailey37495175.51
c SJ Croft b TE Bailey
James Bracey (WK)c WSA Williams b L Wood15342044.11
c WSA Williams b L Wood
Ryan Higgins (C)c LWP Wells b JP Morley11210052.38
c LWP Wells b JP Morley
Ollie Pricelbw b JP Morley01000.00
lbw b JP Morley
Tom Priceb L Wood111009.09
b L Wood
Zafar Goharc JJ Bohannon b JP Morley62995162.62
c JJ Bohannon b JP Morley
Matt Taylorlbw b GP Balderson16602026.66
lbw b GP Balderson
David PayneNot out6191031.57
Not out
Extra37 (b 9, w 0, nb 22, lb 6)
Total337/10 (110.1)
Tom Bailey2466632.75
Will Williams2665502.11
Luke Wood2287623.45
Jack Morley2949143.13
George Balderson9.103413.70
Fall of wickets: 1-38 (George Scott - 16.1 ov), 2-85 (Glenn Phillips - 31.5 ov), 3-156 (Miles Hammond - 48.4 ov), 4-186 (James Bracey - 58.1 ov), 5-209 (Ryan Higgins - 65.1 ov), 6-209 (Ollie Price - 65.2 ov), 7-214 (Tom Price - 68.1 ov), 8-287 (Chris Dent - 92.5 ov), 9-321 (Zafar Gohar - 105.6 ov), 10-337 (Matt Taylor - 110.1 ov)
Lancashire 1st inningLAN 1st inn.402/10 (132.2 ov)
Luke Wellsb Tom Price3220013.63
b Tom Price
Keaton Jenningsc James Bracey b Ryan Higgins9415215161.84
c James Bracey b Ryan Higgins
Josh Bohannonb David Payne341375024.81
b David Payne
Steven Croftc James Bracey b Ryan Higgins8015411051.94
c James Bracey b Ryan Higgins
Dane Vilas (C)lbw b Tom Price113007.69
lbw b Tom Price
Philip Salt (WK)lbw b Tom Price38438088.37
lbw b Tom Price
George Baldersonc James Bracey b Ryan Higgins20573035.08
c James Bracey b Ryan Higgins
Luke Woodc George Scott b David Payne501107045.45
c George Scott b David Payne
Tom Baileylbw b Zafar Gohar40618065.57
lbw b Zafar Gohar
Will Williamsc George Scott b David Payne12451026.66
c George Scott b David Payne
Jack MorleyNot out150020.00
Not out
Extra29 (b 10, w 0, nb 10, lb 9)
Total402/10 (132.2)
David Payne25.268133.19
Tom Price2578033.20
Matt Taylor2427303.04
Ryan Higgins2795532.03
George Scott923403.77
Zafar Gohar1955112.68
Glenn Phillips30903.00
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (LWP Wells - 5.1 ov), 2-122 (JJ Bohannon - 44.5 ov), 3-167 (KK Jennings - 58.2 ov), 4-177 (DJ Vilas - 62.2 ov), 5-234 (PD Salt - 79.3 ov), 6-282 (SJ Croft - 94.1 ov), 7-289 (GP Balderson - 98.4 ov), 8-356 (TE Bailey - 117.3 ov), 9-399 (WSA Williams - 130.4 ov), 10-402 (L Wood - 132.2 ov)
Gloucestershire 2nd inningGLO 2nd inn.176/3 (61.1 ov)
George Scottc & b TE Bailey7151046.66
c & b TE Bailey
Chris Dentc PD Salt b WSA Williams23972023.71
c PD Salt b WSA Williams
Glenn Phillipsb GP Balderson9382023.68
b GP Balderson
Miles HammondNot out581297144.96
Not out
James Bracey (WK)Not out55938059.13
Not out
Extra24 (b 10, w 0, nb 10, lb 4)
Total176/3 (61.1)
Tom Bailey1124013.63
Will Williams1992411.26
Jack Morley16.135103.15
George Balderson1032612.60
Luke Wells30301.00
Luke Wood201809.00
Fall of wickets: 1-20 (George Scott - 4.5 ov), 2-42 (Glenn Phillips - 18.2 ov), 3-73 (Chris Dent - 30.4 ov)
2022-06-26 15:30 PM
County Ground, Bristol, Bristol
Gloucestershire won the toss & elected to bat
  • Rob Bailey
  • Neil Pratt
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Steve Davis