Kent v Somerset, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, , Specsavers County Championship Division One, 2019

Specsavers County Championship Division One : Kent v Somerset at Canterbury, June 10, 2019
139/10 (41) & 59/10 (26.1)
169/10 (46.2) & 30/0 (6.4)
Somst won by 10 wickets
Kent inningKent inn.139/10 (41 ov)
Sean Dicksonlbw b JA Brooks09000.00
lbw b JA Brooks
Zak Crawleyc JA Brooks b L Gregory10281035.71
c JA Brooks b L Gregory
Joe Denly (C)lbw b C Overton4410100.00
lbw b C Overton
Daniel Bell-Drummondlbw b JA Brooks12162075.00
lbw b JA Brooks
Heino Kuhnc SM Davies b J Overton6111054.54
c SM Davies b J Overton
Oliver Robinson (WK)lbw b L Gregory37615060.65
lbw b L Gregory
Alex Blakec J Overton b L Gregory28465060.86
c J Overton b L Gregory
Darren Stevenslbw b L Gregory02000.00
lbw b L Gregory
Grant Stewartb L Gregory28495057.14
b L Gregory
Harry PodmoreNot out117005.88
Not out
Matt Milnesb L Gregory04000.00
b L Gregory
Extra13 (b 4, w 5, nb 2, lb 2)
Total139/10 (41)
Craig Overton5.512614.45
Jack Brooks1252221.83
Jamie Overton712914.14
Lewis Gregory13.163262.43
Tom Abell302408.00
Fall of wickets: 1-5 (SR Dickson - 1.5 ov), 2-10 (JL Denly - 2.5 ov), 3-27 (DJ Bell-Drummond - 7.2 ov), 4-43 (HG Kuhn - 10.5 ov), 5-45 (Z Crawley - 11.3 ov), 6-101 (AJ Blake - 24.6 ov), 7-101 (DI Stevens - 26.2 ov), 8-126 (OG Robinson - 34.3 ov), 9-139 (G Stewart - 40.2 ov), 10-139 (ME Milnes - 40.6 ov)
Somerset inningSomst inn.169/10 (46.2 ov)
Tom Abell (C)lbw b HW Podmore3110027.27
lbw b HW Podmore
Azhar Alilbw b DI Stevens03000.00
lbw b DI Stevens
James Hildrethc OG Robinson b HW Podmore05000.00
c OG Robinson b HW Podmore
Tom Bantonc ME Milnes b G Stewart6311910052.94
c ME Milnes b G Stewart
George Bartlettc OG Robinson b HW Podmore9211042.85
c OG Robinson b HW Podmore
Steven Davies (WK)c HG Kuhn b ME Milnes31457068.88
c HG Kuhn b ME Milnes
Lewis Gregorylbw b ME Milnes26484154.16
lbw b ME Milnes
Craig Overtonb G Stewart03000.00
b G Stewart
Jamie Overtonb G Stewart9191047.36
b G Stewart
Jack Leachlbw b ME Milnes571071.42
lbw b ME Milnes
Jack BrooksNot out0000-
Not out
Extra23 (b 9, w 1, nb 8, lb 5)
Total169/10 (46.2)
Harry Podmore1343732.84
Darren Stevens1144213.81
Grant Stewart1223733.08
Matt Milnes10.213933.77
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Azhar Ali - 1.3 ov), 2-5 (JC Hildreth - 2.4 ov), 3-14 (TB Abell - 4.2 ov), 4-35 (GA Bartlett - 10.1 ov), 5-97 (SM Davies - 26.6 ov), 6-139 (T Banton - 39.3 ov), 7-139 (C Overton - 39.6 ov), 8-163 (L Gregory - 44.3 ov), 9-169 (J Overton - 45.6 ov), 10-169 (MJ Leach - 46.2 ov)
Kent inningKent inn.59/10 (26.1 ov)
Sean Dicksonc JC Hildreth b C Overton22553040.00
c JC Hildreth b C Overton
Zak Crawleylbw b L Gregory380037.50
lbw b L Gregory
Joe Denly (C)b J Overton126003.84
b J Overton
Harry Podmorelbw b JA Brooks6190031.57
lbw b JA Brooks
Daniel Bell-Drummondc C Overton b L Gregory03000.00
c C Overton b L Gregory
Heino Kuhnc C Overton b L Gregory230066.66
c C Overton b L Gregory
Oliver Robinson (WK)c SM Davies b L Gregory8201040.00
c SM Davies b L Gregory
Alex Blakec J Overton b L Gregory120050.00
c J Overton b L Gregory
Darren Stevenslbw b C Overton10191052.63
lbw b C Overton
Grant Stewartlbw b C Overton02000.00
lbw b C Overton
Matt MilnesNot out01000.00
Not out
Extra6 (b 0, w 0, nb 2, lb 4)
Total59/10 (26.1)
Lewis Gregory13.162151.59
Jack Brooks722713.85
Jamie Overton22010.00
Craig Overton41731.75
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (Z Crawley - 2.4 ov), 2-24 (JL Denly - 9.6 ov), 3-32 (HW Podmore - 15.6 ov), 4-37 (DJ Bell-Drummond - 18.1 ov), 5-39 (HG Kuhn - 18.4 ov), 6-39 (SR Dickson - 19.1 ov), 7-40 (AJ Blake - 20.1 ov), 8-59 (DI Stevens - 25.3 ov), 9-59 (G Stewart - 25.5 ov), 10-59 (OG Robinson - 26.1 ov)
Somerset inningSomst inn.30/0 (6.4 ov)
Tom Abell (C)Not out15202075.00
Not out
Azhar AliNot out13212061.90
Not out
Extra2 (b 0, w 0, nb 2, lb 0)
Total30/0 (6.4)
Harry Podmore1013013.00
Darren Stevens31301.00
Grant Stewart2.401405.25
Fall of wickets:
2019-06-10 15:30 PM
St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury
  • Billy Taylor
  • Martin Saggers
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee