Leicestershire v Yorkshire, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, at Leicester, County Championship Division Two, 2023

County Championship Division Two at Leicester: Leicestershire v Yorkshire at Leicester, September 19, 2023
233/10 (53.1)
155/10 (39.2) & 225/4 (55.4)
Match drawn
Yorkshire inningYOR inn.155/10 (39.2 ov)
Adam Lythc LPJ Kimber b SW Currie16303053.33
c LPJ Kimber b SW Currie
Finlay Beanc OB Cox b Will Davis40557072.72
c OB Cox b Will Davis
Shan Masood(C)lbw b CJC Wright34435079.06
lbw b CJC Wright
James Whartonb Will Davis1100010.00
b Will Davis
George Hillc OB Cox b TAR Scriven160016.66
c OB Cox b TAR Scriven
Jonathan Tattersall(WK)c RK Patel b TAR Scriven6160037.50
c RK Patel b TAR Scriven
Matthew Revisc OB Cox b SW Currie20292068.96
c OB Cox b SW Currie
Ben Mikeb Will Davis252541100.00
b Will Davis
Jordan Thompsonc OB Cox b TAR Scriven2110018.18
c OB Cox b TAR Scriven
Ben Coadc LS Hill b Will Davis690066.66
c LS Hill b Will Davis
Benjamin CliffNot out02000.00
Not out
Extra4 (b 4, w 0, nb 0, lb 0)
Total155/10 (39.2)
Chris Wright1224413.66
Tom Scriven12.204733.81
Scott Currie713224.57
Will Davis812843.50
Fall of wickets: 1-45 (A Lyth - 11.4 ov), 2-79 (FJ Bean - 16.6 ov), 3-91 (J Wharton - 20.6 ov), 4-96 (GCH Hill - 23.5 ov), 5-98 (SM Khan - 24.1 ov), 6-112 (JA Tattersall - 29.2 ov), 7-147 (ML Revis - 35.2 ov), 8-147 (BWM Mike - 36.2 ov), 9-155 (BO Coad - 38.4 ov), 10-155 (JA Thompson - 39.2 ov)
Leicestershire inningLEI inn.233/10 (53.1 ov)
Rishi Patellbw b BO Coad02000.00
lbw b BO Coad
Sam Evanslbw b GCH Hill15461032.60
lbw b GCH Hill
Lewis Hill(C)c JA Tattersall b GCH Hill423480123.52
c JA Tattersall b GCH Hill
Umar Aminlbw b GCH Hill10292034.48
lbw b GCH Hill
Louis Kimberc FJ Bean b BM Cliff4200020.00
c FJ Bean b BM Cliff
Harry Swindellsc JA Tattersall b ML Revis73789093.58
c JA Tattersall b ML Revis
Ben Cox(WK)lbw b GCH Hill13251052.00
lbw b GCH Hill
Tom Scrivenb JA Thompson17303056.66
b JA Thompson
Chris Wrightc A Lyth b JA Thompson02000.00
c A Lyth b JA Thompson
Scott Currieb BM Cliff03000.00
b BM Cliff
Will DavisNot out44517086.27
Not out
Extra15 (b 1, w 0, nb 2, lb 12)
Total233/10 (53.1)
Ben Coad1424713.35
Jordan Thompson1206125.08
George Hill1646944.31
Benjamin Cliff702723.85
Matthew Revis4.111613.84
Fall of wickets: 1-0 (RK Patel - 0.2 ov), 2-58 (LS Hill - 10.3 ov), 3-65 (ST Evans - 16.5 ov), 4-70 (Umar Amin - 18.6 ov), 5-80 (LPJ Kimber - 23.2 ov), 6-97 (OB Cox - 28.2 ov), 7-139 (TAR Scriven - 38.4 ov), 8-139 (CJC Wright - 38.6 ov), 9-140 (SW Currie - 39.4 ov), 10-233 (Harry Swindells - 53.1 ov)
Yorkshire inningYOR inn.225/4 (55.4 ov)
Adam Lythlbw b Will Davis609810061.22
lbw b Will Davis
Finlay Beanb TAR Scriven43658066.15
b TAR Scriven
Ben Coadb CJC Wright3160018.75
b CJC Wright
Shan Masood(C)c LPJ Kimber b TAR Scriven10172058.82
c LPJ Kimber b TAR Scriven
James WhartonNot out587711075.32
Not out
George HillNot out32615052.45
Not out
Extra19 (b 1, w 0, nb 0, lb 18)
Total225/4 (55.4)
Chris Wright1663812.37
Tom Scriven18.426723.58
Scott Currie904605.11
Will Davis1124714.27
Umar Amin10808.00
Fall of wickets: 1-112 (FJ Bean - 21.1 ov), 2-119 (BO Coad - 26.1 ov), 3-130 (SM Khan - 29.3 ov), 4-140 (A Lyth - 36.1 ov)
2023-09-19 15:00 PM
Grace Road, Leicester
Leicestershire elected to bowl
  • Neil Bainton
  • Neil Pratt
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Devon Malcolm
    Player Comparison unavailable for this match