Malaysia v Qatar, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 14, ICC Men's CWC Challenge League A, 2022

ICC Men's CWC Challenge League A Match 14: Malaysia v Qatar at King City, August 06, 2022
177/10 (47.5)
181/9 (50)
QAT won by 4 runs.
Qatar InningsQAT Innings181/9 (50 ov)
Kamran Khanc Saifullah Malik b Muhammad Wafiq Zarbani6161037.50
c Saifullah Malik b Muhammad Wafiq Zarbani
Zaheeruddeen Ibrahimc Ainool Hafizs b Sharvin Muniandy25325078.13
c Ainool Hafizs b Sharvin Muniandy
Imal Liyanagec Sharvin Muniandy b Syed Aziz02000.00
c Sharvin Muniandy b Syed Aziz
Mohammed Rizlan (WK/C)c Sharvin Muniandy b Anwar Rahman46795158.23
c Sharvin Muniandy b Anwar Rahman
Muhammad Tanveerc & b Anwar Rahman10211047.62
c & b Anwar Rahman
Mohammad Imraz RafiNot out47774061.04
Not out
Akash Babulbw b Muhamad Syahadat15261157.69
lbw b Muhamad Syahadat
Assad Borhamc Anwar Rahman b Muhamad Syahadat280025.00
c Anwar Rahman b Muhamad Syahadat
Muhammad Muradc Ahmad Faiz b Muhamad Syahadat12350034.29
c Ahmad Faiz b Muhamad Syahadat
Gayan Buddikarunout (Ainool Hafizs / Virandeep Singh)01000.00
runout (Ainool Hafizs / Virandeep Singh)
Mohammed NadeemNot out240050.00
Not out
Extra16 (b 0, w 14, nb 1, lb 1)
Total181/9 (50)
Pavandeep Singh20904.50
Muhammad Wafiq Zarbani813414.25
Syed Aziz1042012.00
Sharvin Muniandy604016.67
Anwar Rahman712022.86
Muhammad Amir10808.00
Virandeep Singh702503.57
Muhamad Syahadat902432.67
Fall of wickets: 1-17 (Kamran Khan - 3.5 ov), 2-19 (I Liyanage - 4.2 ov), 3-43 (Zaheeruddeen Ibrahim - 13.2 ov), 4-82 (Muhammad Tanveer - 21.1 ov), 5-113 (Mohammed Rizlan - 30.1 ov), 6-135 (Akash Babu - 36.2 ov), 7-141 (Assad Borham - 38.2 ov), 8-175 (Muhammad Murad - 48.3 ov), 9-176 (G Buddika - 48.5 ov)
Malaysia InningsMAL Innings177/10 (47.5 ov)
Syed Azizlbw b Muhammad Murad260033.33
lbw b Muhammad Murad
Saifullah Malikc Akash Babu b Mohammed Nadeem19361152.78
c Akash Babu b Mohammed Nadeem
Ahmad Faiz (C)c Zaheeruddeen Ibrahim b Muhammad Murad03000.00
c Zaheeruddeen Ibrahim b Muhammad Murad
Virandeep Singhlbw b Mohammed Nadeem25263096.15
lbw b Mohammed Nadeem
Sharvin Muniandyc Mohammed Rizlan b Muhammad Tanveer04000.00
c Mohammed Rizlan b Muhammad Tanveer
Muhamad Syahadatc Mohammed Nadeem b Muhammad Tanveer451080.00
c Mohammed Nadeem b Muhammad Tanveer
Muhammad AmirNot out711037068.93
Not out
Ainool Hafizs (WK)c Kamran Khan b Muhammad Tanveer340075.00
c Kamran Khan b Muhammad Tanveer
Muhammad Wafiq Zarbanic & b Mohammed Nadeem04000.00
c & b Mohammed Nadeem
Pavandeep Singhrunout (Mohammed Rizlan / Sandun Chamara)9321028.13
runout (Mohammed Rizlan / Sandun Chamara)
Anwar Rahmanlbw b Muhammad Murad30653046.15
lbw b Muhammad Murad
Extra14 (b 4, w 3, nb 1, lb 6)
Total177/10 (47.5)
Gayan Buddika402105.25
Muhammad Murad7.503934.98
Muhammad Tanveer831431.75
Mohammed Nadeem1003833.80
Assad Borham501703.40
Mohammad Imraz Rafi1002602.60
Akash Babu20301.50
Zaheeruddeen Ibrahim10909.00
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Syed Aziz - 1.2 ov), 2-4 (Ahmad Faiz - 1.5 ov), 3-41 (Virandeep Singh - 8.5 ov), 4-42 (Sharvin Muniandy - 9.5 ov), 5-48 (Muhamad Syahadat - 11.5 ov), 6-54 (Saifullah Malik - 14.3 ov), 7-58 (Ainool Hafizs - 15.3 ov), 8-59 (Muhammad Wafiq Zarbani - 16.2 ov), 9-113 (Pavandeep Singh - 27.3 ov), 10-177 (Anwar Rahman - 47.5 ov)
2022-08-06 19:30 PM
Maple Leaf North-West Ground (A), King City
Qatar won the toss & elected to bat
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