Malo CC Vilamoura v Rossio CC, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 6, ECS Cartaxo T10, 2020

ECS Cartaxo T10 Match 6: Malo CC Vilamoura v Rossio CC at Cartaxo, September 22, 2020
Malo CC Vilamoura
64/3 (7.4)
Rossio CC
63/8 (10)
MCCV won by 7 wickets
Rossio CC InningROS Inning63/8 (10 ov)
Azher Andanic Syed Maisam b Assad Mehmood9710128.57
c Syed Maisam b Assad Mehmood
Binod Gyawalib Assad Mehmood390033.33
b Assad Mehmood
Mohammad Siraj Nipoc Aamer Ikram b Yasir Sabir10141071.42
c Aamer Ikram b Yasir Sabir
Harjit Singhc Jayesh Popat b Muhammad Adnan120050.00
c Jayesh Popat b Muhammad Adnan
Imran Khan Jr.c & b Muhammad Adnan01000.00
c & b Muhammad Adnan
Rahul Huddarunout (Syed Maisam / Assad Mehmood)9820112.50
runout (Syed Maisam / Assad Mehmood)
Arslan Naseemb Syed Maisam340075.00
b Syed Maisam
Yogesh Paudel (WK)Not out8501160.00
Not out
Rahul Bhardwajc Assad Mehmood b Yasir Sabir260033.33
c Assad Mehmood b Yasir Sabir
Munna RahmanNot out12411300.00
Not out
Extra6 (b 0, w 4, nb 0, lb 2)
Total63/8 (10)
Amir Zaib20804.00
Assad Mehmood201427.00
Muhammad Adnan201527.50
Syed Maisam201517.50
Yasir Sabir20924.50
Fall of wickets: 1-10 (Azher Andani - 1.3 ov), 2-21 (Binod Gyawali - 3.4 ov), 3-25 (Harjit Singh - 4.5 ov), 4-25 (Imran Khan Jr. - 4.6 ov), 5-36 (Mohammad Siraj Nipo - 6.2 ov), 6-38 (Rahul Hudda - 7.1 ov), 7-40 (Arslan Naseem - 7.3 ov), 8-44 (Rahul Bhardwaj - 8.4 ov)
Malo CC Vilamoura InningMCCV Inning64/3 (7.4 ov)
Mian Shahidc Arslan Naseem b Rahul Bhardwaj10711142.85
c Arslan Naseem b Rahul Bhardwaj
Muhammad Adnanc Rahul Hudda b Rahul Bhardwaj6201300.00
c Rahul Hudda b Rahul Bhardwaj
Aamer Ikramc Munna Rahman b Rahul Bhardwaj03000.00
c Munna Rahman b Rahul Bhardwaj
Amir ZaibNot out402761148.14
Not out
Jayesh Popat (WK)Not out671085.71
Not out
Extra2 (b 1, w 1, nb 0, lb 0)
Total64/3 (7.4)
Imran Khan Jr.2021010.50
Rahul Bhardwaj20834.00
Mohammad Siraj Nipo201809.00
Harjit Singh1.401609.60
Fall of wickets: 1-16 (Muhammad Adnan - 1.2 ov), 2-16 (Mian Shahid - 1.3 ov), 3-28 (Aamer Ikram - 3.3 ov)
2020-09-22 15:00 PM
Cartaxo Cricket Ground, Cartaxo
Malo CC Vilamoura won the toss & elected to field
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