New South Wales Breakers Women v Western Australia Women, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 9th match, Women's National Cricket League, 2022

Women's National Cricket League 9th match: New South Wales Breakers Women v Western Australia Women at Sydney, October 01, 2022
New South Wales Breakers Women
302/7 (50)
Western Australia Women
244/10 (48)
NSW-W won by 58 runs.
New South Wales Women InningsNew South Wales Women Innings302/7 (50 ov)
Alyssa Healy (WK/C)lbw b P Cleary14202070.00
lbw b P Cleary
Tahlia Wilsonc T Peschel b Amy Edgar10112710179.53
c T Peschel b Amy Edgar
Phoebe Litchfieldc P Cleary b T Peschel107105151101.90
c P Cleary b T Peschel
Ashleigh Gardnerc Alana King b Amy Edgar211411150.00
c Alana King b Amy Edgar
Erin Burnsb Lilly Mills221521146.67
b Lilly Mills
Sammy-Jo Johnsonb Alana King6610100.00
b Alana King
Anika Learoydlbw b Lilly Mills470057.14
lbw b Lilly Mills
Saskia HorleyNot out6310200.00
Not out
Maitlan BrownNot out7610116.67
Not out
Extra14 (b 1, w 9, nb 3, lb 1)
Total302/7 (50)
Taneale Peschel1005515.50
Piepa Cleary1006816.80
Lilly Mills1015425.40
Alana King1006416.40
Sheldyn Cooper302307.67
Amy Edgar703625.14
Fall of wickets: 1-27 (Alyssa Healy - 7.1 ov), 2-222 (Phoebe Litchfield - 39.2 ov), 3-241 (T Wilson - 42.3 ov), 4-258 (Ashleigh Gardner - 44.3 ov), 5-265 (SJ Johnson - 45.4 ov), 6-289 (EA Burns - 48.2 ov), 7-290 (Anika Learoyd - 48.4 ov)
Western Australia Women InningsWA-W Innings244/10 (48 ov)
Chloe Piparo (C)c M Brown b SJ Johnson55718077.46
c M Brown b SJ Johnson
Beth Mooney (WK)b L Cheatle161320123.08
b L Cheatle
Maddy Darkec Ashleigh Gardner b L Cheatle51734069.86
c Ashleigh Gardner b L Cheatle
Mathilda Carmichaellbw b SJ Johnson490044.44
lbw b SJ Johnson
Charis Bekkerc Ebony Hoskin b Anika Learoyd5100050.00
c Ebony Hoskin b Anika Learoyd
Amy Edgarc Ashleigh Gardner b Ebony Hoskin5180027.78
c Ashleigh Gardner b Ebony Hoskin
Piepa Clearyb M Brown35443079.55
b M Brown
Lilly Millsb Ashleigh Gardner470057.14
b Ashleigh Gardner
Alana Kingc Phoebe Litchfield b M Brown05000.00
c Phoebe Litchfield b M Brown
Taneale Peschelc Ashleigh Gardner b M Brown453932115.38
c Ashleigh Gardner b M Brown
Sheldyn CooperNot out1100100.00
Not out
Extra23 (b 0, w 17, nb 2, lb 4)
Total244/10 (48)
Lauren Cheatle802723.38
Maitlan Brown906036.67
Sammy-Jo Johnson905626.22
Ashleigh Gardner1013813.80
Saskia Horley914805.33
Anika Learoyd10212.00
Ebony Hoskin20914.50
Fall of wickets: 1-36 (Beth Mooney - 4.4 ov), 2-114 (C Piparo - 22.1 ov), 3-120 (M Carmichael - 24.2 ov), 4-139 (Charis Bekker - 27.3 ov), 5-150 (Maddy Darke - 30.6 ov), 6-151 (Amy Edgar - 32.2 ov), 7-161 (Lilly Mills - 35.3 ov), 8-162 (Alana King - 36.3 ov), 9-242 (P Cleary - 47.4 ov), 10-244 (T Peschel - 47.6 ov)
Man of the Match
2022-10-02 04:30 AM
North Sydney Oval, Sydney, Sydney
Western Australia Women won the toss & elected to field
  • Andrew Hamilton
  • Daniel Moran
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Dave Gilbert