The Ford Trophy 4th Match: Northern Districts v Central Districts at Whangarei, December 05, 2017
Northern Districts
249/10 (43.1)
Central Districts
334/8 (50)
Central D won by 85 runs
Central Districts inningCD inn.334/8 (50 ov)
George Workerc DG Brownlie b AP Devcich9611511283.47
c DG Brownlie b AP Devcich
Dane Cleaver (WK)c AP Devcich b JD Baker15192178.94
c AP Devcich b JD Baker
Jesse Ryderc IS Sodhi b DJ Mitchell107106103100.94
c IS Sodhi b DJ Mitchell
Will Young (C)b AP Devcich9501180.00
b AP Devcich
Tom Bruceb BJ Arnel272111128.57
b BJ Arnel
Doug Bracewellc DG Brownlie b IS Sodhi432023215.00
c DG Brownlie b IS Sodhi
Josh ClarksonNot out9810112.50
Not out
Ben Wheelerc DG Brownlie b BJ Arnel230066.66
c DG Brownlie b BJ Arnel
Adam Milnec TL Seifert b SC Kuggeleijn120050.00
c TL Seifert b SC Kuggeleijn
Ajaz PatelNot out02000.00
Not out
Extra25 (b 9, w 11, nb 1, lb 4)
Total334/8 (50)
Scott Kuggeleijn10.004314.30
James Baker6.005419.00
Brett Hampton3.002307.66
Brent Arnel8.005526.87
Ish Sodhi9.006717.44
Anton Devcich10.005725.70
Daryl Mitchell4.002215.50
Fall of wickets: 1-27 (D Cleaver - 5.5 ov), 2-232 (GH Worker - 39.3 ov), 3-240 (JD Ryder - 40.1 ov), 4-246 (WA Young - 41.1 ov), 5-301 (TC Bruce - 46.4 ov), 6-319 (DAJ Bracewell - 47.4 ov), 7-329 (BM Wheeler - 48.5 ov), 8-333 (AF Milne - 49.3 ov)
Northern Districts inningND inn.249/10 (43.1 ov)
Dean Brownlie (C)lbw b AF Milne150020.00
lbw b AF Milne
BJ Watlingc AY Patel b BM Tickner27394069.23
c AY Patel b BM Tickner
Nick Kellyc D Cleaver b AF Milne471057.14
c D Cleaver b AF Milne
Anton Devcichc TC Bruce b AY Patel29473061.70
c TC Bruce b AY Patel
Tim Seifert (WK)c D Cleaver b AY Patel9900100.00
c D Cleaver b AY Patel
Daryl Mitchellc JA Clarkson b BM Tickner52571391.22
c JA Clarkson b BM Tickner
Scott Kuggeleijnc DAJ Bracewell b AF Milne333122106.45
c DAJ Bracewell b AF Milne
Brett Hamptonc D Cleaver b BM Wheeler252411104.16
c D Cleaver b BM Wheeler
Ish SodhiNot out442832157.14
Not out
James Bakerc DAJ Bracewell b BM Tickner03000.00
c DAJ Bracewell b BM Tickner
Brent Arnelst D Cleaver b AY Patel181221150.00
st D Cleaver b AY Patel
Extra7 (b 0, w 4, nb 3, lb 0)
Total249/10 (43.1)
Doug Bracewell9.004104.55
Adam Milne8.023534.37
Blair Tickner10.005635.60
Ben Wheeler7.003214.57
Ajaz Patel8.107238.81
George Worker1.0013013.00
Fall of wickets: 1-5 (DG Brownlie - 1.2 ov), 2-13 (NF Kelly - 3.3 ov), 3-49 (BJ Watling - 12.6 ov), 4-69 (TL Seifert - 16.5 ov), 5-74 (AP Devcich - 18.4 ov), 6-126 (SC Kuggeleijn - 27.4 ov), 7-162 (BR Hampton - 33.5 ov), 8-217 (DJ Mitchell - 38.3 ov), 9-217 (JD Baker - 38.6 ov), 10-249 (BJ Arnel - 43.1 ov)
2017-12-06 03:30 AM
Cobham Oval, Whangarei
Central Districts won the toss & elected to bat
  • Ashley Mehrotra
  • Derek Walker
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Ross Dykes