Phoenix Strikers v Young Lions CC, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 69, Kuwait Ramadan T10 Challengers Cup, 2024

Kuwait Ramadan T10 Challengers Cup Match 69: Phoenix Strikers v Young Lions CC at Kuwait, April 17, 2024
Phoenix Strikers
78/2 (7)
Young Lions CC
75/7 (10)
PST won by 8 wickets
Young Lions CC InningYLC Inning75/7 (10 ov)
Farhan Jamaldeen(WK)c R Kumar b S Subash161420114.29
c R Kumar b S Subash
Mohammed Asmy(C)c J Cholayil b S Karimbanakkal01000.00
c J Cholayil b S Karimbanakkal
Mohamed Nufrasc R Raj b M Sawood04000.00
c R Raj b M Sawood
Mohamed Aseemb S Subash161511106.67
b S Subash
Ameer Mohamedc R Raj b S Subhash8610133.33
c R Raj b S Subhash
Mohamed Shifkhanb M Sawood240050.00
b M Sawood
Irffan Ismaielst J Cholayil b S Sudhakaran151011150.00
st J Cholayil b S Sudhakaran
Najeembabu MahroofNot out450080.00
Not out
Fawsul HameeduNot out4110400.00
Not out
Extra10 (b 0, w 7, nb 0, lb 3)
Total75/7 (10)
Sainudheen Karimbanakkal20914.50
Mohammed Sawood201226.00
Jithu Vellapparakunnil1011011.00
Sujith Subhash201718.50
Sreejith Subash201628.00
Suneesh Sudhakaran10717.00
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (M Asmy - 0.3 ov), 2-5 (M Nufras - 1.3 ov), 3-38 (M Aseem - 5.3 ov), 4-39 (F Jamaldeen - 5.5 ov), 5-50 (A Mohamed - 6.6 ov), 6-63 (M Shifkhan - 8.1 ov), 7-71 (I Ismaiel - 9.5 ov)
Phoenix Strikers InningPST Inning78/2 (7 ov)
Roshan Kumarc A Mohamed b M Nufras580062.50
c A Mohamed b M Nufras
Vinod Vadakkemadathilc A Mohamed b M Asmy271550180.00
c A Mohamed b M Asmy
Renil RajNot out161310123.08
Not out
Sadiq KassimNot out10620166.67
Not out
Extra20 (b 0, w 20, nb 0, lb 0)
Total78/2 (7)
Irffan Ismaiel10808.00
Mohamed Nufras10616.00
Ameer Mohamed2024012.00
Azar Issadeen10707.00
Mohamed Shifkhan1020020.00
Mohammed Asmy1013113.00
Fall of wickets: 1-14 (R Kumar - 1.5 ov), 2-67 (V Vadakkemadathil - 5.4 ov)
Man of the Match
2024-04-17 22:30 PM
Sulaibiya Cricket Ground, Kuwait
Young Lions CC elected to bat
    Tv Umpires
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