Pigeon Point Skiers v King Bay Royals, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 10, Trinbago T10 Blast, 2023

Trinbago T10 Blast Match 10: Pigeon Point Skiers v King Bay Royals at Scarborough, November 20, 2023
Pigeon Point Skiers
87/6 (10)
King Bay Royals
120/3 (10)
KBR won by 33 runs.
King Bay Royals InningKBR Inning120/3 (10 ov)
Amir Jangoo(C)c J Kent b R Bandoo251512166.67
c J Kent b R Bandoo
Nicholas Sookdeosinghc T Castro b DA Cruickshank652946224.14
c T Castro b DA Cruickshank
Vikash Mohanc A S Ali b R Jaipaul15911166.67
c A S Ali b R Jaipaul
Damion JoachimNot out6500120.00
Not out
Iraq ThomasNot out3200150.00
Not out
Extra6 (b 2, w 3, nb 0, lb 1)
Total120/3 (10)
Uthman Muhammad2024012.00
Daron Cruickshank2027113.50
Ricky Jaipaul201919.50
Teshawn Castro2025012.50
Ryan Bandoo2022111.00
Fall of wickets: 1-57 (AA Jangoo - 4.2 ov), 2-105 (V Mohan - 8.3 ov), 3-117 (N Sookdeosingh - 9.3 ov)
Pigeon Point Skiers InningPPS Inning87/6 (10 ov)
Teshawn Castrolbw b D Joachim130033.33
lbw b D Joachim
Adrian Sehzad Ali(WK)b C Raymond11132084.62
b C Raymond
Mario Belcanrunout (N Bidaisee)3300100.00
runout (N Bidaisee)
Daron Cruickshankc (sub K williams) b D Joachim221511146.67
c (sub K williams) b D Joachim
Jayden Kentb C Raymond322023160.00
b C Raymond
Akiel Clarkec A Alleyne b D Joachim01000.00
c A Alleyne b D Joachim
Joshua YorkeNot out7510140.00
Not out
Extra11 (b 0, w 7, nb 0, lb 4)
Total87/6 (10)
Damion Joachim20834.00
Navin Bidaisee201105.50
Jahron Alfred2034017.00
Chadeon Raymond201125.50
Iraq Thomas201909.50
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (T Castro - 0.4 ov), 2-10 (M Belcan - 1.4 ov), 3-23 (A S Ali - 3.5 ov), 4-53 (DA Cruickshank - 7.4 ov), 5-53 (A Clarke - 7.5 ov), 6-87 (J Kent - 9.6 ov)
2023-11-21 00:00 AM
Shaw Park, Scarborough
King Bay Royals elected to bat
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