Queensland v New South Wales, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 2nd Match, The Marsh Cup, 2019

The Marsh Cup 2nd Match: Queensland v New South Wales at Brisbane, September 21, 2019
307/6 (48)
New South Wales
305/5 (50)
QLD won by 4 wickets
New South Wales inningNSW inn.305/5 (50 ov)
Daniel Hughesc (sub Cameron Gannon) b Billy Stanlake29375078.37
c (sub Cameron Gannon) b Billy Stanlake
Jack Edwardsc Xavier Bartlett b Billy Stanlake841039381.55
c Xavier Bartlett b Billy Stanlake
Moises Henriquesc Billy Stanlake b Matthew Kuhnemann52595188.13
c Billy Stanlake b Matthew Kuhnemann
Kurtis Pattersonc Max Bryant b Jack Wildermuth232212104.54
c Max Bryant b Jack Wildermuth
Nicholas BertusNot out696072115.00
Not out
Peter Nevill (WK/C)c Sam Heazlett b Xavier Bartlett261830144.44
c Sam Heazlett b Xavier Bartlett
Arjun NairNot out4300133.33
Not out
Extra18 (b 4, w 8, nb 2, lb 4)
Total305/5 (50)
Mark Steketee905105.66
Xavier Bartlett1006916.90
Jack Wildermuth905115.66
Billy Stanlake1014924.90
Matthew Kuhnemann1015715.70
Marnus Labuschagne2020010.00
Fall of wickets: 1-51 (Daniel Hughes - 10.3 ov), 2-172 (J Edwards - 32.3 ov), 3-173 (Moises Henriques - 33.2 ov), 4-228 (Kurtis Patterson - 41.5 ov), 5-292 (Peter Nevill - 48.5 ov)
Queensland inningQLD inn.307/6 (48 ov)
Sam Heazlettlbw b N McAndrew705792122.80
lbw b N McAndrew
Max Bryantc Arjun Nair b Harry Conway201131181.81
c Arjun Nair b Harry Conway
Marnus Labuschagnec N McAndrew b Harry Conway676460104.68
c N McAndrew b Harry Conway
Matt Renshawb Harry Conway22282078.57
b Harry Conway
Joe BurnsNot out54662181.81
Not out
Jimmy Peirson (WK/C)runout (Sean Abbott)01000.00
runout (Sean Abbott)
Jack Wildermuthb Sean Abbott51564191.07
b Sean Abbott
Mark SteketeeNot out15611250.00
Not out
Extra8 (b 0, w 5, nb 1, lb 2)
Total307/6 (48)
Sean Abbott1004114.10
Harry Conway1017237.20
Arjun Nair1007207.20
Mickey Edwards906106.77
Nathan McAndrew5.103917.54
Moises Henriques1.501005.45
Jack Edwards201005.00
Fall of wickets: 1-30 (Max Bryant - 3.4 ov), 2-142 (Sam Heazlett - 18.2 ov), 3-179 (Matt Renshaw - 25.2 ov), 4-199 (Marnus Labuschagne - 29.1 ov), 5-199 (Jimmy Peirson - 29.2 ov), 6-282 (Jack Wildermuth - 45.6 ov)
2019-09-22 05:00 AM
Allan Border Field, Brisbane
Queensland won the toss & elected to field
  • Michael Graham-Smith
  • Donovan Koch
Tv Umpires
  • Gerard Abood
Match Referee
  • David Talalla