Roma Cricket Club v Albano, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 12, ECS Italy T10, 2022

ECS Italy T10 Match 12: Roma Cricket Club v Albano, July 27, 2022
Roma Cricket Club
102/3 (10)
54/9 (10)
RMC won by 48 runs.
Roma Cricket Club InningsRMC Innings102/3 (10 ov)
Dinidu Maragec Ravinder Singh b Jorawar Singh322151152.38
c Ravinder Singh b Jorawar Singh
Prabath EkneligodaNot out221730129.41
Not out
Achintha Naththandigec Parveen Kumar b Gurjit Singh130033.33
c Parveen Kumar b Gurjit Singh
Crishan Kalugamagec Jorawar Singh b Gurjit Singh231212191.67
c Jorawar Singh b Gurjit Singh
Pruthuvi SamarageNot out19712271.43
Not out
Extra5 (b 0, w 4, nb 0, lb 1)
Total102/3 (10)
Bharti Bangar201909.50
Parveen Kumar201809.00
Jorawar Singh201819.00
Gurjit Singh2028214.00
Monu Lal201809.00
Fall of wickets: 1-42 (Dinidu Marage - 4.3 ov), 2-45 (Achintha Naththandige - 5.2 ov), 3-81 (Crishan Kalugamage - 8.3 ov)
Albano InningsALB Innings54/9 (10 ov)
Irfan Shaikh (WK/C)c Pruthuvi Samarage b Achintha Naththandige6610100.00
c Pruthuvi Samarage b Achintha Naththandige
Monu Lalc Achintha Naththandige b Thilina Rathnayaka561083.33
c Achintha Naththandige b Thilina Rathnayaka
Jorawar Singhc Achintha Naththandige b Crishan Kalugamage10111090.91
c Achintha Naththandige b Crishan Kalugamage
Anmol Singhc Sujith Rillagodage b Crishan Kalugamage01000.00
c Sujith Rillagodage b Crishan Kalugamage
Ajay Kumarc Achintha Naththandige b Pruthuvi Samarage18192194.74
c Achintha Naththandige b Pruthuvi Samarage
Parveen Kumarc Thushara Samarakoon b Crishan Kalugamage120050.00
c Thushara Samarakoon b Crishan Kalugamage
Ravinder Singhc Crishan Kalugamage b Pruthuvi Samarage120050.00
c Crishan Kalugamage b Pruthuvi Samarage
Jasdeep SinghNot out150020.00
Not out
Bharti Bangarb Pruthuvi Samarage01000.00
b Pruthuvi Samarage
Gurjit Singhc Rahat Ahmed b Dinidu Marage120050.00
c Rahat Ahmed b Dinidu Marage
Jaspal RamNot out10501200.00
Not out
Extra1 (b 0, w 0, nb 0, lb 1)
Total54/9 (10)
Thilina Rathnayaka201015.00
Achintha Naththandige10616.00
Crishan Kalugamage20934.50
Dammika Aththanayaka20904.50
Pruthuvi Samarage20934.50
Dinidu Marage1010110.00
Fall of wickets: 1-11 (Irfan Shaikh - 1.4 ov), 2-17 (Monu Lal - 2.6 ov), 3-18 (Anmol Singh - 3.3 ov), 4-31 (Jorawar Singh - 5.2 ov), 5-33 (Parveen Kumar - 5.5 ov), 6-34 (Ravinder Singh - 6.1 ov), 7-43 (Ajay Kumar - 8.3 ov), 8-43 (Bharti Bangar - 8.4 ov), 9-44 (Gurjit Singh - 9.1 ov)
Man of the Match
2022-07-27 18:00 PM
Roma Spinaceto Cricket Ground
Roma Cricket Club won the toss & elected to bat
  • Asad Ali
  • Muhammad Shahid
Tv Umpires
  • Suleman Saeed
Match Referee
  • Robert Kemming