South East Stars v Southern Vipers, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 3rd Match, Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy, 2024

Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy 3rd Match: South East Stars v Southern Vipers at Beckenham, April 20, 2024
South East Stars
274/6 (49.3)
Southern Vipers
273/9 (50)
SE Stars won by 4 wkts (3b rem)
Southern Vipers inningVP inn.273/9 (50 ov)
Ella McCaughanlbw b D Gregory30523057.69
lbw b D Gregory
Charli Knottc PA Franklin b R Macdonald-Gay41577071.92
c PA Franklin b R Macdonald-Gay
Georgia Adams(C)lbw b Bethan Miles33342197.05
lbw b Bethan Miles
Georgia Elwisslbw b Bethan Miles44567078.57
lbw b Bethan Miles
Freya Kempb BF Smith504760106.38
b BF Smith
Emily Windsorc PA Franklin b SIR Dunkley8171047.05
c PA Franklin b SIR Dunkley
Rhianna Southby(WK)st CAE Hill b SIR Dunkley8161050.00
st CAE Hill b SIR Dunkley
Alice Monaghanc CAE Hill b R Macdonald-Gay11901122.22
c CAE Hill b R Macdonald-Gay
Linsey Smithc & b R Macdonald-Gay240050.00
c & b R Macdonald-Gay
Freya DaviesNot out3300100.00
Not out
Mary TaylorNot out10810125.00
Not out
Extra33 (b 3, w 17, nb 3, lb 10)
Total273/9 (50)
Tash Farrant503006.00
Phoebe Franklin813804.75
Ryana Macdonald-Gay904635.11
Alice Davidson-Richards501503.00
Danielle Gregory3.403018.18
Bethan Miles1005925.90
Bryony Smith5.202013.75
Sophia Dunkley402225.50
Fall of wickets: 1-80 (C Knott - 16.6 ov), 2-97 (E McCaughan - 20.4 ov), 3-150 (GL Adams - 29.1 ov), 4-190 (GA Elwiss - 37.1 ov), 5-202 (EL Windsor - 40.5 ov), 6-228 (RM Southby - 44.1 ov), 7-254 (AZ Monaghan - 46.6 ov), 8-260 (F Kemp - 47.6 ov), 9-260 (LCN Smith - 48.1 ov)
South East Stars inningSES inn.274/6 (49.3 ov)
Bryony Smith(C)c AZ Monaghan b GL Adams909914090.90
c AZ Monaghan b GL Adams
Tash Farrantlbw b C Knott949711196.90
lbw b C Knott
Paige Scholfieldc F Kemp b C Knott170014.28
c F Kemp b C Knott
Sophia DunkleyNot out48603080.00
Not out
Alice Davidson-Richardsb LCN Smith8140057.14
b LCN Smith
Phoebe Franklinrunout (AZ Monaghan)191330146.15
runout (AZ Monaghan)
Aylish Cranstonec M Taylor b GL Adams8520160.00
c M Taylor b GL Adams
Ryana Macdonald-GayNot out230066.66
Not out
Extra4 (b 0, w 3, nb 1, lb 0)
Total274/6 (49.3)
Linsey Smith1005715.70
Freya Davies9.317207.57
Mary Taylor1006206.20
Charli Knott1003523.50
Georgia Adams1004824.80
Fall of wickets: 1-165 (BF Smith - 29.4 ov), 2-173 (PJ Scholfield - 31.3 ov), 3-196 (NE Farrant - 35.6 ov), 4-226 (AN Davidson-Richards - 42.4 ov), 5-260 (PA Franklin - 47.3 ov), 6-269 (A Cranstone - 48.3 ov)
2024-04-20 15:00 PM
The Kent County Cricket Ground, Beckenham
South East Stars elected to bowl
  • Sophie McLelland
  • James Tredwell
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Helen Pack
    Player Comparison unavailable for this match