Southern Brave (Men) v Manchester Originals (Men), Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 18th Match, The Hundred Mens Competition, 2022

The Hundred Mens Competition 18th Match: Southern Brave (Men) v Manchester Originals (Men) at Southampton, August 18, 2022
Southern Brave (Men)
120/10 (16.4)
Manchester Originals (Men)
188/3 (20)
MAN won by 68 runs.
Manchester Originals (Men) InningsMAN Innings188/3 (20 ov)
Jos Buttler (C)c Tim David b MG Hogan684235161.90
c Tim David b MG Hogan
Philip Salt (WK)c MP Stoinis b JB Lintott382241172.73
c MP Stoinis b JB Lintott
Wayne Madsenrunout (MP Stoinis)9120075.00
runout (MP Stoinis)
Andre RussellNot out642365278.26
Not out
Tristan StubbsNot out2200100.00
Not out
Extra7 (b 1, w 3, nb 2, lb 1)
Total188/3 (20)
George Garton2023011.50
Michael Hogan4048112.00
Daniel Moriarty402807.00
Marcus Stoinis2022011.00
Jacob Lintott402817.00
James Fuller403709.25
Fall of wickets: 1-64 (PD Salt - 8.1 ov), 2-99 (WL Madsen - 12.4 ov), 3-150 (Jos Buttler - 17.3 ov)
Southern Brave (Men) InningsBRV Innings120/10 (16.4 ov)
Quinton de Kock (WK)c Jos Buttler b Tristan Stubbs212030105.00
c Jos Buttler b Tristan Stubbs
James Vince (C)c & b Sean Abbott20931222.22
c & b Sean Abbott
Marcus Stoinisc WL Madsen b T Hartley130033.33
c WL Madsen b T Hartley
Alex Daviesc AD Russell b Tristan Stubbs340075.00
c AD Russell b Tristan Stubbs
Tim Davidc Sean Abbott b AD Russell101010100.00
c Sean Abbott b AD Russell
George Gartonb PI Walter251431178.57
b PI Walter
Ross Whiteleyc Matt Parkinson b PI Walter211221175.00
c Matt Parkinson b PI Walter
James Fullerc (sub Calvin Harrison) b PI Walter01000.00
c (sub Calvin Harrison) b PI Walter
Jacob LintottNot out10910111.11
Not out
Daniel Moriartylbw b Matt Parkinson130033.33
lbw b Matt Parkinson
Michael Hoganst PD Salt b Matt Parkinson02000.00
st PD Salt b Matt Parkinson
Extra8 (b 0, w 1, nb 6, lb 1)
Total120/10 (16.4)
Mitchell Stanley302207.33
Sean Abbott302919.66
Tom Hartley10717.00
Matt Parkinson3.402227.33
Tristan Stubbs201226.00
Andre Russell10717.00
Paul Walter302036.66
Fall of wickets: 1-36 (JM Vince - 3.2 ov), 2-45 (MP Stoinis - 4.5 ov), 3-50 (AL Davies - 6.3 ov), 4-51 (Quinton de Kock - 7.1 ov), 5-82 (Tim David - 10.4 ov), 6-87 (GHS Garton - 11.5 ov), 7-88 (JK Fuller - 12.2 ov), 8-119 (RA Whiteley - 15.4 ov), 9-120 (D Moriarty - 16.2 ov), 10-120 (MG Hogan - 16.4 ov)
Man of the Match
2022-08-18 23:30 PM
The Rose Bowl, Southampton, Southampton
Southern Brave (Men) won the toss & elected to field
  • Martin Saggers
  • Rob Bailey
Tv Umpires
  • Neil Bainton
Match Referee
  • Steve Davis