Sunrisers v Western Storm, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 8, Charlotte Edwards Cup, 2022

Charlotte Edwards Cup Match 8: Sunrisers v Western Storm, May 18, 2022
160/5 (20)
Western Storm
164/9 (20)
WS won by 1 wickets
Sunrisers InningsSUNR Innings160/5 (20 ov)
Cordelia Griffithrunout (Natasha Wraith / GM Hennessy)261850144.44
runout (Natasha Wraith / GM Hennessy)
Grace Scrivensst Natasha Wraith b A Griffiths564260133.33
st Natasha Wraith b A Griffiths
Naomi Dattanic Sophia Smale b GM Hennessy13160181.25
c Sophia Smale b GM Hennessy
Mady Villiersb HC Knight111010110.00
b HC Knight
Joanne GardnerNot out282411116.67
Not out
Kelly Castle (C)st Natasha Wraith b DR Gibson141120127.27
st Natasha Wraith b DR Gibson
Extra12 (b 0, w 10, nb 1, lb 1)
Total160/5 (20)
Sophia Smale302809.33
Lauren Filer1020020.00
Danielle Gibson402516.25
Georgia Hennessy403919.75
Alex Griffiths402516.30
Heather Knight402215.50
Fall of wickets: 1-50 (CL Griffith - 4.4 ov), 2-76 (ND Dattani - 8.4 ov), 3-97 (MK Villiers - 11.5 ov), 4-140 (Grace Scrivens - 17.1 ov), 5-160 (KS Castle - 19.6 ov)
Western Storm InningsWS Innings164/9 (20 ov)
Heather Knightb Grace Scrivens272431112.50
b Grace Scrivens
Georgia Hennessyc Scarlett Hughes b ND Dattani250040.00
c Scarlett Hughes b ND Dattani
Sophie Luff (C)c KS Castle b Grace Scrivens130033.33
c KS Castle b Grace Scrivens
Fran Wilsonst Scarlett Hughes b AM Maqsood7101070.00
st Scarlett Hughes b AM Maqsood
Danielle Gibsonc MK Villiers b Grace Scrivens272050135.00
c MK Villiers b Grace Scrivens
Katie Georgest Scarlett Hughes b J Gardner342341147.83
st Scarlett Hughes b J Gardner
Natasha Wraith (WK)st Scarlett Hughes b Grace Scrivens271631168.75
st Scarlett Hughes b Grace Scrivens
Alex GriffithsNot out251301192.31
Not out
Niamh Hollandc & b J Gardner01000.00
c & b J Gardner
Lauren Filerrunout (Scarlett Hughes / J Gardner)1100100.00
runout (Scarlett Hughes / J Gardner)
Sophia SmaleNot out340075.00
Not out
Extra10 (b 1, w 8, nb 0, lb 1)
Total164/9 (20)
Mady Villiers403007.50
Naomi Dattani302117.00
Grace Scrivens403348.30
Abtaha Maqsood3030110.00
Kelly Castle301906.33
Joanne Gardner2023211.50
Gayatri Gole10606.00
Fall of wickets: 1-13 (GM Hennessy - 1.4 ov), 2-15 (SN Luff - 2.2 ov), 3-29 (FC Wilson - 5.1 ov), 4-70 (DR Gibson - 10.1 ov), 5-71 (HC Knight - 10.3 ov), 6-117 (Natasha Wraith - 14.6 ov), 7-140 (KL George - 17.5 ov), 8-140 (Niamh Holland - 17.6 ov), 9-143 (Lauren Filer - 18.3 ov)
2022-05-18 23:30 PM
County Ground, Chelmsford
Western Storm won the toss & elected to field
  • Sue Redfern
  • Chris Watts
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee