Surrey v Kent, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 35th Match, County Championship, 2022

County Championship 35th Match: Surrey v Kent at London, June 26, 2022
673/7d (129.2)
331/10 (103) & 361/4 (117)
Match drawn
Surrey 1st inningSUR 1st inn.673/7 (129.2 ov)
Rory Burns (C)c Ollie Robinson b Toby Pettman24354068.57
c Ollie Robinson b Toby Pettman
Ryan Patelc Ollie Robinson b Matt Milnes403570114.28
c Ollie Robinson b Matt Milnes
Hashim Amlac Jordan Cox b Daniel Bell-Drummond12416915073.37
c Jordan Cox b Daniel Bell-Drummond
Ben Geddesc Jordan Cox b Matt Milnes12424216251.23
c Jordan Cox b Matt Milnes
Jamie Smith (WK)b Toby Pettman55717177.46
b Toby Pettman
Sam Curranc Matt Milnes b GF Linde12675155168.00
c Matt Milnes b GF Linde
Will JacksNot out10392180111.95
Not out
Gus Atkinsonc Toby Pettman b Jack Leaning42655064.61
c Toby Pettman b Jack Leaning
Thomas LawesNot out01000.00
Not out
Extra35 (b 5, w 5, nb 18, lb 7)
Total673/7 (129.2)
Jacob Duffy24115806.58
Matt Milnes25211824.72
Toby Pettman22210224.63
Jas Singh17.2010105.82
Daniel Bell-Drummond912512.77
George Linde22311515.22
Joe Denly411804.50
Jack Leaning602414.00
Fall of wickets: 1-64 (R Patel - 11.3 ov), 2-70 (Rory Burns - 12.1 ov), 3-283 (HM Amla - 68.4 ov), 4-390 (Ben Geddes - 87.6 ov), 5-445 (JL Smith - 95.4 ov), 6-578 (Sam Curran - 111.2 ov), 7-665 (AAP Atkinson - 128.5 ov)
Kent 1st inningKET 1st inn.331/10 (103 ov)
Ben Comptonb Sam Curran4130030.76
b Sam Curran
Joe Denlyb Daniel Worrall383570108.57
b Daniel Worrall
Daniel Bell-Drummondc HM Amla b WG Jacks10220210050.49
c HM Amla b WG Jacks
Jack Leaning (C)b Thomas Lawes751759142.85
b Thomas Lawes
Jordan Coxc AAP Atkinson b C McKerr47918051.64
c AAP Atkinson b C McKerr
Oliver George Robinson (WK)c R Patel b Thomas Lawes791077.77
c R Patel b Thomas Lawes
George Lindeb Thomas Lawes5111045.45
b Thomas Lawes
Matt Milnesc JL Smith b Thomas Lawes29583050.00
c JL Smith b Thomas Lawes
Jacob Duffyc JL Smith b AAP Atkinson160016.66
c JL Smith b AAP Atkinson
Toby PettmanNot out3110027.27
Not out
Jas Singhc Ben Geddes b C McKerr4101040.00
c Ben Geddes b C McKerr
Extra16 (b 0, w 0, nb 6, lb 10)
Total331/10 (103)
Daniel Worrall2246312.86
Sam Curran923213.55
Conor McKerr1736023.52
Gus Atkinson1935012.63
Will Jacks2336512.82
Thomas Lawes1325143.92
Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Ben Compton - 3.2 ov), 2-55 (Joe Denly - 12.5 ov), 3-216 (Daniel Bell-Drummond - 66.1 ov), 4-256 (Jack Leaning - 75.3 ov), 5-264 (Ollie Robinson - 77.4 ov), 6-270 (GF Linde - 81.2 ov), 7-316 (Jordan Cox - 96.4 ov), 8-317 (JA Duffy - 97.4 ov), 9-326 (Matt Milnes - 101.1 ov), 10-331 (Jas Singh - 102.6 ov)
Kent 2nd inningKET 2nd inn.361/4 (117 ov)
Joe Denlylbw b Daniel Worrall691319052.67
lbw b Daniel Worrall
Ben Comptonlbw b Sam Curran481564030.76
lbw b Sam Curran
Daniel Bell-DrummondNot out10719514054.87
Not out
Jack Leaning (C)b Sam Curran431167037.06
b Sam Curran
Jordan Coxc Sam Curran b AAP Atkinson27313187.09
c Sam Curran b AAP Atkinson
Oliver George Robinson (WK)Not out39774050.64
Not out
Extra28 (b 13, w 0, nb 8, lb 7)
Total361/4 (117)
Daniel Worrall2456812.83
Sam Curran1544322.86
Will Jacks2859303.32
Gus Atkinson1424012.85
Conor McKerr1205004.16
Thomas Lawes1562201.46
Ryan Patel822002.50
Rory Burns10505.00
Fall of wickets: 1-126 (Ben Compton - 45.5 ov), 2-128 (Joe Denly - 48.4 ov), 3-235 (Jack Leaning - 85.1 ov), 4-266 (Jordan Cox - 94.2 ov)
2022-06-26 15:30 PM
Kennington Oval, London
Kent won the toss & elected to field
  • Mike Burns
  • James Middlebrook
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Dean Cosker