Titans v North West Dragons, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 17, CSA Provincial One Day Challenge Division One, 2023

CSA Provincial One Day Challenge Division One Match 17: Titans v North West Dragons at Centurion, October 13, 2023
207/10 (37.2)
North West Dragons
208/2 (31)
NWD won by 8 wickets
Titans InningTIT Inning207/10 (37.2 ov)
Neil Brandrunout (I Modimokaoane)180012.50
runout (I Modimokaoane)
Matthew Kleinveldtb M Pretorius474171114.63
b M Pretorius
Dewald Brevisc D Jansen b K Mungroo10078124128.21
c D Jansen b K Mungroo
Rivaldo Moonsamy(WK)c M eel Prince b I Modimokaoane5120041.67
c M eel Prince b I Modimokaoane
Sibonelo Makhanya(C)c LC Ngoepe b M Pretorius8240033.33
c LC Ngoepe b M Pretorius
Donavon Ferreirab K Mungroo02000.00
b K Mungroo
Dayyaan Galiemlbw b S Muthusamy15251060.00
lbw b S Muthusamy
Corbin Boschc M eel Prince b D Jansen5110045.45
c M eel Prince b D Jansen
Junior Dalac W Lubbe b S Muthusamy05000.00
c W Lubbe b S Muthusamy
Aaron Phangisob R de Swardt13181172.22
b R de Swardt
Tladi BokakoNot out01000.00
Not out
Extra13 (b 0, w 10, nb 1, lb 2)
Total207/10 (37.2)
Kerwin Mungroo713324.70
Migael Pretorius813524.40
Duan Jansen804315.40
Senuran Muthusamy8.204625.50
Irvin Hlompo Modimokoane3033111.00
Ruan de Swardt301515.00
Fall of wickets: 1-7 (N Brand - 1.4 ov), 2-76 (MC Kleinveldt - 12.2 ov), 3-114 (R Moonsamy - 18.6 ov), 4-168 (D Brevis - 25.2 ov), 5-168 (D Ferreira - 25.4 ov), 6-174 (BS Makhanya - 28.5 ov), 7-188 (C Bosch - 31.5 ov), 8-189 (CJ Dala - 31.6 ov), 9-207 (A Phangiso - 36.5 ov), 10-207 (AD Galiem - 37.2 ov)
North West Dragons InningNWD Inning208/2 (31 ov)
Lesego Senokwanelbw b N Brand524772110.64
lbw b N Brand
Meeka eel Prince(WK)st R Moonsamy b N Brand8978113114.10
st R Moonsamy b N Brand
Raynard van TonderNot out32414078.05
Not out
Wihan Lubbe(C)Not out15201075.00
Not out
Extra20 (b 0, w 16, nb 0, lb 4)
Total208/2 (31)
Corbin Bosch402606.50
Dayyaan Galiem302709.00
Aaron Phangiso503306.60
Tladi Bokako201909.50
Junior Dala502805.60
Neil Brand703625.10
Dewald Brevis302207.30
Donavon Ferreira201306.50
Fall of wickets: 1-115 (L Senokwane - 15.1 ov), 2-172 (M eel Prince - 26.1 ov)
2023-10-13 16:30 PM
SuperSport Park, Centurion, Centurion
Titans elected to bat
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