Titans v Warriors, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, 6th Match, CSA Provincial One Day Challenge Division One, 2022

CSA Provincial One Day Challenge Division One 6th Match: Titans v Warriors at TBA, December 04, 2022
296/10 (50)
273/8 (50)
TIT won by 23 runs.
Titans InningsTIT Innings296/10 (50 ov)
Dewald Brevisc JH Hermann b S Plaatjie454571100.00
c JH Hermann b S Plaatjie
Jiveshan Pillayc JH Hermann b A Mnyaka691075264.49
c JH Hermann b A Mnyaka
Neil Brandlbw b T Stubbs141320107.69
lbw b T Stubbs
Aiden Markramc B Swanepoel b Z Abrahams897183125.35
c B Swanepoel b Z Abrahams
Sibonelo Makhanyac DS Rosier b B Swanepoel781087.50
c DS Rosier b B Swanepoel
Donavon Ferreira(WK)c B Swanepoel b Z Abrahams232012115.00
c B Swanepoel b Z Abrahams
Corbin BoschNot out272101128.57
Not out
Ayabulela Gqamanec Z Abrahams b B Swanepoel6410150.00
c Z Abrahams b B Swanepoel
Junior Dalac JH Hermann b Z Abrahams7100070.00
c JH Hermann b Z Abrahams
Aaron Phangisob Z Abrahams01000.00
b Z Abrahams
Okuhle Celerunout (S Qeshile / JH Hermann)1100100.00
runout (S Qeshile / JH Hermann)
Extra8 (b 0, w 5, nb 1, lb 2)
Total296/10 (50)
Beyers Swanepoel1034224.20
Ziyaad Abrahams1006946.90
Akhona Mnyaka1004514.50
Tristan Stubbs603816.30
Siya Plaatjie503917.80
Wihan Lubbe502404.80
Lesiba Ngoepe403709.30
Fall of wickets: 1-75 (D Brevis - 15.6 ov), 2-102 (N Brand - 20.6 ov), 3-160 (J Pillay - 32.5 ov), 4-194 (BS Makhanya - 36.1 ov), 5-225 (D Ferreira - 40.6 ov), 6-260 (A Markram - 44.5 ov), 7-271 (A Gqamane - 45.6 ov), 8-295 (CJ Dala - 49.4 ov), 9-295 (A Phangiso - 49.5 ov), 10-296 (O Cele - 49.6 ov)
Warriors Innings WAR Innings273/8 (50 ov)
Wihan Lubbec BS Makhanya b A Gqamane180012.50
c BS Makhanya b A Gqamane
Jordan Hermannlbw b A Phangiso55689080.88
lbw b A Phangiso
Sinethemba Qeshile(WK)b CJ Dala671085.71
b CJ Dala
Matthew Breetzkec A Markram b O Cele3240012.50
c A Markram b O Cele
Diego Rosierc CJ Dala b D Brevis28343082.35
c CJ Dala b D Brevis
Tristan Stubbsc D Brevis b O Cele63705190.00
c D Brevis b O Cele
Lesiba Ngoepec A Markram b CJ Dala55595093.20
c A Markram b CJ Dala
Beyers Swanepoelc BS Makhanya b C Bosch201311153.80
c BS Makhanya b C Bosch
Siya PlaatjieNot out10111090.91
Not out
Akhona MnyakaNot out9601150.00
Not out
Extra23 (b 1, w 17, nb 0, lb 5)
Total273/8 (50)
Ayabulela Gqamane1023613.60
Junior Dala704626.60
Corbin Bosch703314.70
Okuhle Cele804725.90
Aaron Phangiso1003813.80
Dewald Brevis201919.50
Aiden Markram201909.50
Neil Brand402907.60
Fall of wickets: 1-8 (W Lubbe - 2.4 ov), 2-15 (S Qeshile - 3.6 ov), 3-50 (MP Breetzke - 12.4 ov), 4-92 (JH Hermann - 21.3 ov), 5-112 (DS Rosier - 26.2 ov), 6-227 (T Stubbs - 43.3 ov), 7-252 (B Swanepoel - 46.2 ov), 8-254 (LC Ngoepe - 47.2 ov)
2022-12-04 13:30 PM
Warriors elected to bowl
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