Voyagers v Pelicans, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 8, Barbados T10, 2022

Barbados T10 Match 8: Voyagers v Pelicans at Cave Hill, December 08, 2022
100/7 (10)
101/5 (9.2)
PEL won by 5 wickets
Voyagers InningsVOY Innings100/7 (10 ov)
Jason Greeneb Jaden Edmund252240113.64
b Jaden Edmund
Akeem Springerb Tremaine Dowrich221303169.23
b Tremaine Dowrich
Matthew Jonesrunout (S Brathwaite / Joshua Bishop)1100100.00
runout (S Brathwaite / Joshua Bishop)
Dwayne Smithb Akeem Jordan15911166.67
b Akeem Jordan
Larry Babbc Akeem Jordan b Jamar Ifil5310166.67
c Akeem Jordan b Jamar Ifil
Jadan Jonesc Aaron Daley b Jaden Edmund8401200.00
c Aaron Daley b Jaden Edmund
Amari Alexandre Goodridgec S Brathwaite b Akeem Jordan9601150.00
c S Brathwaite b Akeem Jordan
Shane Dowrich(WK)Not out120050.00
Not out
Richard SampsonNot out120050.00
Not out
Extra13 (b 2, w 8, nb 2, lb 1)
Total100/7 (10)
Joshua Bishop20904.50
Akeem Jordan201427.00
Aaron Daley1019019.00
Tremaine Dowrich1014114.00
Jamar Ifil2020110.00
Jaden Edmund2021210.50
Fall of wickets: 1-50 (Akeem Springer - 4.4 ov), 2-51 (Matthew Jones - 4.5 ov), 3-64 (Jason Greene - 6.4 ov), 4-69 (LL Babb - 7.1 ov), 5-85 (Jadan Jones - 8.1 ov), 6-96 (Dwayne Smith - 9.1 ov), 7-97 (Amari Alexandre Goodridge - 9.3 ov)
Pelicans InningsPEL Innings101/5 (9.2 ov)
Dale Richardsrunout (Dwayne Smith / Amari Alexandre Goodridge)201030200.00
runout (Dwayne Smith / Amari Alexandre Goodridge)
Shian Brathwaite(WK)c Shane Dowrich b Amari Alexandre Goodridge171420121.43
c Shane Dowrich b Amari Alexandre Goodridge
Jonathan Drakesc Jason Greene b Rashad Worrell17821212.50
c Jason Greene b Rashad Worrell
Ravendra Persaudc LL Babb b Rashad Worrell01000.00
c LL Babb b Rashad Worrell
Jamar Ifilrunout (Dwayne Smith / Shane Dowrich)151111136.36
runout (Dwayne Smith / Shane Dowrich)
Joshua BishopNot out16802200.00
Not out
Akeem JordanNot out6300200.00
Not out
Extra10 (b 2, w 5, nb 0, lb 3)
Total101/5 (9.2)
Matthew Jones1011011.00
Richard Sampson2024012.00
Dwayne Smith2026013.00
Rashad Worrell1.2022216.50
Deswin Currency20904.50
Amari Alexandre Goodridge10414.00
Fall of wickets: 1-21 (DM Richards - 2.1 ov), 2-44 (JA Drakes - 3.5 ov), 3-44 (R Persaud - 3.6 ov), 4-70 (S Brathwaite - 7.1 ov), 5-77 (Jamar Ifil - 8.2 ov)
2022-12-09 00:00 AM
Three Ws Oval, Cave Hill, Barbados, Cave Hill, Cave Hill
Voyagers won the toss & elected to bat
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