Warwickshire v Nottinghamshire, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Group A, Royal London One-Day Cup, 2022

Royal London One-Day Cup Group A: Warwickshire v Nottinghamshire at Birmingham, August 17, 2022
271/6 (34)
257/10 (33.1)
WAS won by 14 runs
Warwickshire inningWAS inn.271/6 (34 ov)
Robert Yateslbw b Fateh Singh464551102.22
lbw b Fateh Singh
Dom Sibleyb D Paterson140025.00
b D Paterson
Will Rhodes (C)c LW James b Fateh Singh1138585132.94
c LW James b Fateh Singh
Michael Burgess (WK)c Fateh Singh b D Paterson460066.66
c Fateh Singh b D Paterson
Krunal Pandyac LW James b ZJ Chappell372841132.14
c LW James b ZJ Chappell
Matthew LambNot out241810133.33
Not out
Ethan Brookesc M Montgomery b ZJ Chappell340075.00
c M Montgomery b ZJ Chappell
Kai SmithNot out291431207.14
Not out
Extra14 (b 0, w 11, nb 0, lb 3)
Total271/6 (34)
Brett Hutton603906.50
Dane Paterson705127.28
Zak Chappell706128.71
Liam Patterson-White704406.28
Matthew Montgomery2020010.00
Fateh Singh5053210.60
Fall of wickets: 1-3 (Dom Sibley - 1.2 ov), 2-116 (RM Yates - 16.3 ov), 3-123 (MGK Burgess - 17.6 ov), 4-213 (WMH Rhodes - 27.5 ov), 5-215 (KH Pandya - 28.2 ov), 6-234 (Ethan Brookes - 30.4 ov)
Nottinghamshire inningNOT inn.257/10 (33.1 ov)
Ben Slaterc Kai Smith b Ethan Brookes472823167.85
c Kai Smith b Ethan Brookes
Sol Budingerc RM Yates b OJ Hannon-Dalby232230104.54
c RM Yates b OJ Hannon-Dalby
Dane Schadendorf (WK)c WMH Rhodes b LC Norwell16252064.00
c WMH Rhodes b LC Norwell
Haseeb Hameed (C)c MGK Burgess b WMH Rhodes514840106.25
c MGK Burgess b WMH Rhodes
Matthew Montgomeryc RM Yates b Ethan Brookes211820116.66
c RM Yates b Ethan Brookes
Liam Patterson-Whitec Ethan Brookes b George Garrett431724252.94
c Ethan Brookes b George Garrett
Lyndon Jamesc MJ Lamb b George Garrett101000100.00
c MJ Lamb b George Garrett
Fateh Singhc (sub Hamza Shaikh) b WMH Rhodes252221113.63
c (sub Hamza Shaikh) b WMH Rhodes
Brett Huttonc Dom Sibley b OJ Hannon-Dalby01000.00
c Dom Sibley b OJ Hannon-Dalby
Zak ChappellNot out8610133.33
Not out
Dane Patersonrunout (WMH Rhodes / MGK Burgess)240050.00
runout (WMH Rhodes / MGK Burgess)
Extra11 (b 1, w 6, nb 4, lb 0)
Total257/10 (33.1)
Robert Yates302006.66
Oliver Hannon-Dalby704226.00
Liam Norwell6060110.00
George Garrett706028.57
Ethan Brookes503927.80
Will Rhodes5.103526.77
Fall of wickets: 1-42 (Sol Budinger - 5.1 ov), 2-65 (D Schadendorf - 10.4 ov), 3-100 (BT Slater - 14.5 ov), 4-153 (M Montgomery - 21.3 ov), 5-206 (LA Patterson-White - 25.3 ov), 6-209 (H Hameed - 26.2 ov), 7-237 (LW James - 29.6 ov), 8-238 (BA Hutton - 30.2 ov), 9-250 (Fateh Singh - 31.6 ov), 10-257 (D Paterson - 33.1 ov)
2022-08-17 15:30 PM
Mitchells and Butlers' Ground, Birmingham, Birmingham
Nottinghamshire won the toss & elected to field
  • Paul Pollard
  • Rob White
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Alec Swann