West Indies Under-19s v South Africa Under-19s, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, Match 2, West Indies Under-19 vs South Africa Under-19, 2021

West Indies Under-19 vs South Africa Under-19 Match 2: West Indies Under-19s v South Africa Under-19s at Kingstown, December 28, 2021
West Indies Under-19s
104/2 (23.2)
South Africa Under-19s
103/10 (31.3)
WI-19 won by 8 wickets
South Africa Under-19s InningsSA-19 Innings103/10 (31.3 ov)
Jade Smithc Teddy Bishop b J Layne230066.70
c Teddy Bishop b J Layne
Valentine Kitimerunout (McKenny Clarke)09000.0
runout (McKenny Clarke)
Andile Simelanec Teddy Bishop b McKenny Clarke14302046.70
c Teddy Bishop b McKenny Clarke
George Van Heerdenc Teddy Bishop b J Layne370042.90
c Teddy Bishop b J Layne
Gerhardus Maree (WK)c Shaqkere Parris b McKenny Clarke9231039.1
c Shaqkere Parris b McKenny Clarke
Michael Copelandb Jaden Carmichael24522146.20
b Jaden Carmichael
Hardus Coetzerlbw b Jaden Carmichael7210033.30
lbw b Jaden Carmichael
Kaden Solomonsc Ackeem Auguste b Anderson Mahase9131069.20
c Ackeem Auguste b Anderson Mahase
Joshua Stephensonb Jaden Carmichael9191047.40
b Jaden Carmichael
Asakhe Tsakac Ackeem Auguste b Anderson Mahase141002140.00
c Ackeem Auguste b Anderson Mahase
Aphiwe MnyandaNot out120050.00
Not out
Extra11 (b 4, w 7, nb 0, lb 0)
Total103/10 (31.3)
Johann Layne611422.30
Isai Thorne601402.30
McKenny Clarke401223.00
Anderson Mahase703424.90
Jaden Carmichael8.332532.90
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (Jade Smith - 0.3 ov), 2-9 (Valentine Kitime - 4.3 ov), 3-12 (G Van Heerden - 6.1 ov), 4-34 (Andile Simelane - 10.3 ov), 5-55 (Gerhardus Maree - 14.3 ov), 6-67 (Hardus Coetzer - 21.3 ov), 7-73 (Michael Copeland - 25.2 ov), 8-79 (Kaden Solomons - 26.6 ov), 9-101 (Asakhe Tsaka - 30.5 ov), 10-103 (Joshua Stephenson - 31.3 ov)
West Indies Under-19s InningsWI-19 Innings104/2 (23.2 ov)
Shaqkere Parrisb Aphiwe Mnyanda05000.00
b Aphiwe Mnyanda
Matthew NanduNot out42754056.00
Not out
Teddy Bishoplbw b Asakhe Tsaka25373067.60
lbw b Asakhe Tsaka
Ackeem AugusteNot out282440116.70
Not out
Extra9 (b 0, w 7, nb 1, lb 1)
Total104/2 (23.2)
Joshua Stephenson502304.60
Aphiwe Mnyanda602414.00
Michael Copeland602103.50
Hardus Coetzer10606.00
Asakhe Tsaka301113.70
Andile Simelane2.201807.70
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Shaqkere Parris - 1.2 ov), 2-62 (Teddy Bishop - 14.2 ov)
2021-12-28 19:00 PM
Arnos Vale Ground, Kingstown, St Vincent, Kingstown
West Indies Under-19s won the toss & elected to field
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