Worcestershire v Sussex, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, at Worcester, County Championship Division Two, 2023

County Championship Division Two at Worcester: Worcestershire v Sussex at Worcester, May 04, 2023
264/10 (55) & 251/8d (96.4)
373/10 (89.2)
Match drawn
Worcestershire inningWOR inn.264/10 (55 ov)
Ed Pollockc T Clark b OE Robinson4400100.00
c T Clark b OE Robinson
Jake Libbyb OE Robinson15350142.85
b OE Robinson
Azhar Alilbw b OE Robinson11192057.89
lbw b OE Robinson
Jack Haynesc TP Alsop b OE Robinson140025.00
c TP Alsop b OE Robinson
Adam Hoseb H T Crocombe59889067.04
b H T Crocombe
Brett D'Oliveira(C)c T Clark b FJ Hudson-Prentice160016.66
c T Clark b FJ Hudson-Prentice
Gareth Roderick(WK)c O Carter b S Hunt39687057.35
c O Carter b S Hunt
Matthew Waiteb OE Robinson595443109.25
b OE Robinson
Joe Leachc S Smith b OE Robinson535371100.00
c S Smith b OE Robinson
Josh TongueNot out04000.00
Not out
Ben Gibbonlbw b OE Robinson02000.00
lbw b OE Robinson
Extra22 (b 1, w 0, nb 14, lb 7)
Total264/10 (55)
Ollie Robinson1735973.47
Sean Hunt1428115.78
Fynn Hudson-Prentice1005415.40
Henry Thomas Crocombe1114213.81
James Coles302006.66
Fall of wickets: 1-4 (EJ Pollock - 0.4 ov), 2-28 (A Ali - 6.1 ov), 3-30 (J Haynes - 6.6 ov), 4-41 (JD Libby - 10.3 ov), 5-44 (BL D'Oliveira - 11.3 ov), 6-136 (GH Roderick - 33.6 ov), 7-160 (AJ Hose - 38.2 ov), 8-263 (MJ Waite - 52.6 ov), 9-264 (J Leach - 54.4 ov), 10-264 (BJ Gibbon - 54.6 ov)
Sussex inningSUS inn.373/10 (89.2 ov)
Ali Orrc GH Roderick b BJ Gibbon34596057.62
c GH Roderick b BJ Gibbon
Tom Clarkc GH Roderick b JC Tongue12432027.90
c GH Roderick b JC Tongue
Tom Alsoplbw b J Leach13270048.14
lbw b J Leach
Cheteshwar Pujara(C)c GH Roderick b JC Tongue13618919171.95
c GH Roderick b JC Tongue
Steven Smithlbw b JC Tongue30575052.63
lbw b JC Tongue
James Colesc GH Roderick b BJ Gibbon14182077.77
c GH Roderick b BJ Gibbon
Oliver Carter(WK)b MJ Waite23493046.93
b MJ Waite
Fynn Hudson-Prenticelbw b MJ Waite546411084.37
lbw b MJ Waite
Ollie Robinsonc J Haynes b J Leach332142157.14
c J Haynes b J Leach
Sean HuntNot out280025.00
Not out
Henry Thomas Crocombelbw b J Leach130033.33
lbw b J Leach
Extra21 (b 9, w 1, nb 4, lb 7)
Total373/10 (89.2)
Joe Leach23.248333.55
Ben Gibbon2047523.75
Josh Tongue2118934.23
Matthew Waite2028624.30
Brett D'Oliveira502404.80
Fall of wickets: 1-37 (T Clark - 12.6 ov), 2-65 (TP Alsop - 20.6 ov), 3-67 (AGH Orr - 21.4 ov), 4-128 (S Smith - 38.6 ov), 5-147 (J Coles - 43.1 ov), 6-213 (O Carter - 59.5 ov), 7-330 (FJ Hudson-Prentice - 79.5 ov), 8-368 (OE Robinson - 85.5 ov), 9-370 (CA Pujara - 88.1 ov), 10-373 (H T Crocombe - 89.2 ov)
Worcestershire inningWOR inn.251/8 (96.4 ov)
Ed Pollockc S Smith b OE Robinson17383044.73
c S Smith b OE Robinson
Jake Libbyc CA Pujara b OE Robinson5221022.72
c CA Pujara b OE Robinson
Azhar AliNot out10327911036.91
Not out
Jack Haynesc O Carter b OE Robinson7240029.16
c O Carter b OE Robinson
Adam Hoselbw b OE Robinson41785052.56
lbw b OE Robinson
Brett D'Oliveira(C)c O Carter b FJ Hudson-Prentice22482045.83
c O Carter b FJ Hudson-Prentice
Gareth Roderick(WK)c S Smith b OE Robinson8330024.24
c S Smith b OE Robinson
Matthew Waitec TP Alsop b OE Robinson5100050.00
c TP Alsop b OE Robinson
Joe Leachb OE Robinson16222072.72
b OE Robinson
Josh TongueNot out232006.25
Not out
Extra25 (b 3, w 2, nb 12, lb 8)
Total251/8 (96.4)
Ollie Robinson28.475872.02
Sean Hunt2047403.70
Fynn Hudson-Prentice2565512.20
Henry Thomas Crocombe15.234202.73
James Coles52501.00
Steven Smith2.40602.25
Fall of wickets: 1-16 (JD Libby - 6.3 ov), 2-36 (EJ Pollock - 16.1 ov), 3-54 (J Haynes - 24.4 ov), 4-142 (AJ Hose - 52.4 ov), 5-179 (BL D'Oliveira - 65.2 ov), 6-196 (GH Roderick - 74.4 ov), 7-202 (MJ Waite - 76.4 ov), 8-228 (J Leach - 82.1 ov)
2023-05-04 15:30 PM
County Ground, New Road, Worcester
Sussex elected to bowl
  • Peter Hartley
  • Chris Watts
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Wayne Noon
    Player Comparison unavailable for this match